Proceedings – Antelope County Supervisors

Neligh, Nebraska
June 26, 2012
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Bolling, Brandt, Schwager, Baker, Williby, Henery and Kerkman.
Approved the following claims for payment.  We, the Committee on Claims, report that we have examined and approved for payment the following claims:
GENERAL FUND: Appeara, ex, 74.87; Bob Barker Co, ex, 274.50; Bomgaars, ex, 203.71; Boyd’s Electric, ex, 2328.33; Clements Associates, ex, 450.45; Judith Cole, mlg, 285.27; Cornhusker State Industries, ex, 176.00; Creative Products, ex, 448.28; Cubby’s, ex, 132.53; Custom Sports, ex, 350.00; Eakes Office Plus, ex, 134.42; Electronic Systems, ex, 35.00; Elgin Appliance, ex, 349.00; Elite Office Products, ex, 4529.49; Lyle Hart, mlg, 200.00; Philip Hart, ex, 180.00; Holiday Inn, ex, 153.90; Cubby’s, ex, 890.89; Jones Automotive, ex, 913.23; Jonny Dodge, ex, 1584.80; Madison Co Sheriff, ex, 3150.00; Mid, American Benefits, ex, 270.00; Moyer’s Dept Store, ex, 168.00; NE Nebr Sheriff’s Assn, ex, 50.00; Nebr Health & Human Services, ex, 90.00; Neligh News, ex, 377.91; NE Research & Extension Center, ex, 1699.90; Nielsen Ins, ex, 70.00; NIRMA, ex, 54,302.00; Orval’s Auto, ex, 64.75; Pitney Bowes, ex, 1137.00; Protex Central, ex, 98.00; Quality Inn & Suites, ex, 231.00; Red Hat Designs, ex, 1623.97; Redfield & Co, ex, 82.04; Reliable Office Supplies, ex, 625.17; Reinke’s Farm & City Service, ex, 6.06; Nebr Secretary of State, ex, 179.85; Source Gas, ut, 100.29; The Station, ex, 146.78; UNL IS Communication, ex, 12.95; UNL IS Computer Sales, ex, 417.94; VISA, ex, 99.00; Bonita Welke, ex, 16.35; Rod Wilke, ex, 25.67; Willie’s Service, ex, 42.93; Zee Medical, ex, 16.05
ROAD & BRIDGE: (Brunswick Area) Bomgaars, ex, 121.98; Bazile Aggregates, ex, 3150.00; (Orchard Area) Murphy Tractor Powerplan, ex, 2040.01; Source Gas, ut, 44.11 (Clearwater Area) Bomgaars, ex, 15.64; Clearwater Village, ut, 52.50 (Neligh Area) Bomgaars, ex, 46.15; Nebr Machinery, ex, 901.53 (Tilden Area) Black Hills Energy, ut, 23.88; Tilden City, ut, 74.35; Constellation Energy, ut, 36.25; Murphy Tractor Powerplan, ex, 51.45 (Oakdale Area) Bomgaars, ex, 39.47; Matteo Sand & Gravel, ex, 1328.27; Nebr Public Power, ut, 37.12 (At Large) B’s Enterprises, ex, 2972.00; Bomgaars, ex, 2144.95; Boyd’s Electric, ex, 105.29; Bygland Dirt, ex, 8956.72; Central Nebr Economic Development, ex, 8756.16; Cornhusker International, ex, 1085.96; Howard Construction, ex, 1410.00; Jebro Inc, ex, 47,405.25; JEO Consulting, ex, 10,689.25; Maddock Industries, ex, 3460.63; Matteo Sand & Gravel, ex, 301.47; Medical Enterprises, ex, 5.00; Mid, American Benefits , ex, 135.00; Nebr Dept of Roads, ex, 70,528.47; Newman Traffic , ex, 737.85; NIRMA, ex, 74,880.00; Nebr Machinery, ex, 8329.89; Norfolk Works, ex, 64.00; Praxair Distribution, ex, 132.36; Tinsley Grain, ex, 4494.00; Town & Country Hardware, ex, 21.60; Jonny Dodge, ex, 7900.00; Spiegel Automotive, ex, 3000.00
VISITORS IMPROVEMENT: Brunswick Community Club, ex, 1200.00
REAPPRAISAL FUND: GIS Workshop, ex, 1250.00; NE Nebr Co Assessors Assn, ex, 25.00
BUILDING FUND: Boyd’s Electric, ex, 1420.14
WEED CONTROL FUND: Creston Fertilizer, ex, 1345.75; Cubby’s, ex, 1781.96; Mid, American Benefits, ex, 7.50; NIRMA, ex, 5113.00; Source Gas, ut, 48.36; Chuck Thiemann, ex, 50.00; Don Zegers, ex, 901.97
Approved the Special Designated Liquor License requested by The Steel Steed Steakhouse, Elgin, Nebraska.
Reviewed correspondence.
Purchased two used pickups for the road department.
Approved the Brunswick Community Club request from the County Improvement Fund.
No action taken on prepaying oil for the road department.
No action taken on purchasing millings from Warner Construction.
Authorized the clerk to advertise for full time help for the Clearwater Road Department.
Meeting adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
LeRoy Kerkman /s/
Chairman of County Board
Attest: Carolyn Pedersen /s/
Antelope County Clerk
Publish: July 4, 2012