Proceedings — Elgin City Council



January 4, 2012

The Elgin City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, January 4, 2012, at 7:30 p.m., pursuant to posted notice.  Mayor Schmitt called the meeting to order, and announced the location of the Open Meeting Act.  Council members present were Shirley Nissen, Kenny Jochum, Jim Kittelson and Don Mackel.

A complete and accurate copy of the minutes is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the City Clerk’s office.

The following agenda items were approved:

December regular meeting and reorganization minutes, treasurer’s report, transaction report, paying the claims

GENERAL: ERPPD, se, 132.09; Great Plains Communications, se, 49.96; Fitzgerald, Vetter & Temple, se, 200.00; Alan Reicks, se, 50.00; Prudential, retirement, 578.22; US Treasury, tax, 2423.66; APPEARA, su, 38.79; Don’s Electric, se, 52.50; Elgin Review, se, 48.47; Dean’s Market, su, 230.59; Bank of Elgin, ins, 1433.00; Elgin Ins., ins, 1388.00; Western Office Tech, su, 113.98; Bank of Elgin, loan, 500.00; Source Gas, se, 170.82; V. Miller, su, 19.44; US Post Office, su, 2.56; NE Clerk Institute, fee, 223.00; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 837.17; Payroll, 1555.89

SALES TAX: To General; $1557.77

STREET: ERPPD, se, 1467.48; Elgin One Stop, su, 856.60; Verizonwireless, su, 19.80; The Station, su, 47.77; CVA, su, 12.29; Sapp Bros, su, 140.34; Bomgaars, su, 149.79; Bank of Elgin, loan, 875.05; Source Gas, se, 71.70; Big Timber Tree Service, se, 974.70; Payroll, 1127.52

WATER: ERPPD, se, 726.85; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 213.33; Verizonwireless, su, 19.80; Neb. Public Health Envir. Lab, se, 25.00; Great Plains Communications, se, 81.12; US Post Office, su, 5.10 ; GPC 1 Call Service, se, 2.08; CVA, su, 7.99; Sapp Bros, su, 411.68; Rutjens Const., rprs, 7754.51; Advanced Consulting Engineering, se, 2750.00; R.Mitchell, return, 348.25; Post Office, su, 29.00; Payroll, 2255.04

SEWER: ERPPD, se, 985.28; NE Department of Revenue, tax, 119.90; Great Plains Communications, se, 41.78; GPC 1 Call Service, se, 2.08; Midwest Labs, se, 79.26; Dean’s Market, su, 1.50; CVA, su, 5.50; Sapp Bros, su, 786.09; Northwest Electric, su, 1114.08; League Utilities Section, fee, 75.00; Elgin Auto Parts, su, 58.36; MARC, su, 1420.00; US Post Office, su, 29.00; Payroll, 861.74

FIRE: ERPPD, se, 151.80; Great Plains Communications, se, 50.11; APPEARA, su, 38.78; Source Gas, se, 147.48

POLICE: Antelope Co Sheriff, se, 2640.00

TRASH PICKUP/RECYCLING: Bud’s Sanitary Service, se, 4459.00; Betty Moser, rent, 100.00; R. Henn, ex, 6.58; US Post Office, su, 29.00; Payroll, 52.84

POOL: ERPPD, se, 29.44; Source Gas, se, 14.98

PARK: ERPPD, se, 84.74; Payroll, 265.77

LIBRARY: ERPPD, se, 47.43; Amazon, bks, 211.49; Gale, bks, 15.29; Source Gas, se, 87.71; Payroll, 943.84

Changing the employee manual to allow five (5) vacation days to be carried over per year, if necessary

Offering the Glock 2, holster and magazine for sale to Sheriff Moore for $500.00

Not to change the present Ordinance to require a building permit for movable buildings

Requiring the Housing Authority to provide supporting evidence before signing a correction deed

Discussions were held:

Plantation Street issue tabled until next month

Legislative updates tabled until next month

Tree Trimming

Loader Blade

Return or purchase of the second police department Glock

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Publish: January 11, 2012