Proceedings — Elgin City Council

July 7, 2014
The Elgin City Council met in regular session on Monday, July 7, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., pursuant to posted notice.  Mayor Schmitt called the meeting to order, and announced the location of the Open Meeting Act.  Council members present were Kenny Jochum, Shirley Nissen, Jim Kittelson and Don Mackel.
A complete and accurate copy of the minutes is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the City Clerk’s office.
The following agenda items were approved:
• June regular meeting minutes, treasurer’s report, transaction report, and paying the claims.
GENERAL: ERPPD, se, 93.50; Great Plains Communications, se, 55.29; Fitzgerald,  Vetter & Temple, se, 398.59; Jeannette Meis, se, 75.00; Prudential, retirement, 573.92; USTreasury, tax, 2331.88; APPEARA,  su, 39.52; Elgin Public Schools, licenses, 1200.00; Elgin Review, se, 55.24; Dean’s Market, su, 36.53; Source Gas, se, 210.07;  Bank of  ; Elgin, ins, 1800.00; Bank of Elgin,  loan, 500.00; V. Miller, ec, 77.65; Payroll, 1612.37
SALES TAX: To General; $2379.25
STREET: ERPPD, se, 1554.81; Elgin One Stop, su, 126.52; Verizonwireless, su, 14.73; Bank of Elgin, loan, 875.05; Source Gas, se, 88.64; The Station, su, 442.99; Elgin Auto Parts, su, 22.59; CVA, su, 50.98; Randy Henn, ex, 60.00; Payroll, 1141.92
WATER: ERPPD, se, 642.68; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 44.36; Verizonwireless, su, 14.74; Great Plains Communications,  se, 91.02; US Post Office, su, 25.90; Elgin Review, su, 154.35; Randy Henn, ex, 60.00; NRWA, dues, 75.00; Bierman Sandblasting, se, 893.03; ACES, se, 3000.00; Jaci Nussbaum Account, return, 100.00; Melissa Nichols, Return, 100.00; Payroll, 2149.90
SEWER: ERPPD, se, 1022.90; NE Department of Revenue, tax, 21.97;  Great Plains Communications, se, 46.13; Dean’s Market, su, 1.50; NRWA, dues, 75.00; Johsnon Service, se, 1847.50; NE Environmental Products, se, 1558.00; Payroll, 828.63
FIRE: ERPPD, se, 263.31; Great Plains Communications, se, 52.32; APPEARA, su, 39.51; Source Gas, se, 437.36; Bank of Elgin, loan, 1846.71; Traveler’s, ins, 5308.00; Elgin Ins Service, ins, 8780.00; Beckman Lumber, su, 500.00;  Schmitt Construction, rprs, 1624.04
POLICE: Antelope Co Sheriff, se, 2600.00; Elgin Review, print, 29.40
TRASH PICKUP/RECYCLING: Bud’s Sanitary Service, se, 4797.00; Betty Moser, rent, 100.00
POOL: ERPPD, se, 28.48; Source Gas, se, 24.55; Beckman Lumber, se, 8.90
PARK: ERPPD, se, 1065.88; Sterling West, su, 2351.00; Dept of Revenue, tax, 115.30; Payroll, 246.33
LIBRARY: ERPPD, se, 66.27; Source Gas, se, 97.65; Amazon, bks, 170.52 ; Great Plains Communication, se55.66; Biblionix, su, 800.00; Don’s Electric, se, 97.40; Gale, bks, 81.86; Payroll, 909.77
YOUTH: St. Boniface Ballfield Association, rent, 1500.00; Elgin Review, print, 11.75
• Accept bid from Bader’s Highway & Street for crack filling at the cost of $24,381.00
• Blocking off  part of N 5th Street and part of Maple Street for auction on July 19th
• Getting cost for concrete for alley approach on N 4th Street
• Taking no further action on past due water bill
• Building permit – Bruce Clark, Cheryl Veik and LeRoy Behnk
Discussions were held:
• Required paperwork, regarding water well grant,  has been sent to State
• Map of area wells for testing is done and will begin once grant from State is approved
• Response from David Jarecke, legal counsel for ERPPD regarding the Professional Retail Operations Agreement with ERPPD
• Drilling of test well on Tuesday, May 6, 2014
• Culvert at Paul Pelster’s
• Annexation of Sterling Heights
• Armor coating next week
• Replacing fire hydrants in need of repair
• Spraying weeds and white rock at campground
• Pool closing date
• Pool inspection
• Minor injury at pool
• Problem with baby pool
• Purchasing new ladders and heater for pool
• May Sheriff’s Report
• Tire Amnesty at Neligh
• Building without building permit
• 4th of July fireworks injury
• Gutters on new fire storage building
Next regular meeting will be held on Monday,  August 4, 2014
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
PUBLISH: July 16, 2014