Proceedings — Elgin City Council

April 7, 2014
The Elgin City Council met in regular session on Monday, April 7, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., pursuant to posted notice.  Mayor Schmitt called the meeting to order, and announced the location of the Open Meeting Act.  Council members present were Don Mackel, Kenny Jochum, Shirley Nissen and Jim Kittelson.
A complete and accurate copy of the minutes is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the City Clerk’s office.
The following agenda items were approved:
• February regular meeting minutes, treasurer’s report, transaction report, and paying the claims.
GENERAL: ERPPD, se, 94.65; Great Plains Communications, se, 55.27; Fitzgerald,  Vetter & Temple, se, 398.59; Jeannette Meis, se, 75.00; Prudential, retirement, 839.65; USTreasury, tax, 3320.34; APPEARA,  su, 37.34; Eakes Office Plus, su, 96.98; Elgin Review, se, 198.24; Dean’s Market, su, 19.79; Source Gas, se, 302.30;  Bank of  ; Elgin, ins, 1800.00; Bank of Elgin,  loan, 1000.00; D. Miller, se, 20.00; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 908.97; Ramada, se, 210.00; VMiller, ex, 58.84; Payroll, 1612.37
SALES TAX: To General; $1705.57
STREET: ERPPD, se, 1566.92; Elgin One Stop, su, 171.06; Verizonwireless, su, 15.37; Bank of Elgin, loan, 875.05; Source Gas, se, 132.24; The Station, su, 543.82; Elgin Auto Parts, su, 6.28; CVA, su, 84.46; Kayton, su, 179.26; Sapp Bros, su, 247.31; Elgin Equipment, equip, 8173.10; Payroll, 1183.01
WATER: ERPPD, se, 641.33; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 309.09; Verizonwireless, su, 15.36; Great Plains Communications,  se, 90.98; US Post Office, su, 17.95; NE Health Lab, test, 402.00; One Call Concepts, se,  8.28; Elgin Review, su, 621.85; Western Office Plus, su, 170.12Holiday Inn, se, 95.00; Hawkins, su, 119.00; Don’s Electric, su, 29.50; ACES, se, 3000.00; N.E. NE Title Co, se, 125.00; Jessica Pelster Account, ret, 100.00; Robert Getzfred, ret, 100.00; Shane Kirstine, ret, 75.00; Payroll, 2366.00
SEWER: ERPPD, se, 1053.54; NE Department of Revenue, tax, 136.19;  Great Plains Communications, se, 46.11; Dean’s Market, su, 12.08; Midwest Labs, test, 313.91; One Call Concept, se, 8.27; CVA, su, 87.57; Dakota Pump, rprs, 763.40; Elgin Review, prnt, 53.38; Western Office Plus, su, 170.12; Holiday Inn, se, 95.00; Payroll, 920.23
FIRE: ERPPD, se, 266.05; Great Plains Communications, se, 52.30; APPEARA, su, 37.34; Source Gas, se, 613.39; Bank of Elgin, loan, 1846.71; Midwest Electrical, se, 1342.50; Elgin Ins Service, ins, 19.00; Bank of Elgin, loan, 1846.71
POLICE: Antelope Co Sheriff, se, 2600.00; US Post Office, postage, 6.49
TRASH PICKUP/RECYCLING: Bud’s Sanitary Service, se, 4745.00; Betty Moser, rent, 100.00; Western Office Plus, su, 170.12
POOL: ERPPD, se, 28.09; Source Gas, se, 24.55; CVA, su, 49.99
PARK: ERPPD, se, 1527.22; CVA, su, 45.75; Dept of Revenue, tax, 44.61; Payroll, 262.78
LIBRARY: ERPPD, se, 65.77; Source Gas, se, 142.45; Amazon, bks, 208.44 ; Great Plains Communication, se55.64; Deb
Flaugh, bks, 54.00; Gale, bks, 40.93; Payroll, 909.78
• The City Attorney to draft a letter to ERPPD regarding the Professional Retail Operations Agreement with ERPPD
• The bid from Sargent Drilling to drill a test well in amount of $23,273.00.
• Duane Esau to mow using the City’s equipment at $10.00 per hour
• Purchase signs for the fire hall from Signs By Tomorrow for $1,431.00
• Emergency repairs to storm sewers at 2nd and Beech (2) and 2nd and Maple
• Sheriff’s Department to instruct Elgin resident to stop blocking off the alley
• Purchasing boards for park benches if needed
• Giving winners of the bench contest their benches (4)
• Providing two roll offs for Community Clean Up day May 3, 2014
• Signing the agreement to lease the ball field
• Special Designated permits for bull-a-rama and Q125
• Adam Veik-T-Ball coach, Marty Henn & Greg Wemhoff-Jr Pee Wee coaches, Stacy Henn & Amy Klein-girls T-Ball coaches, Kelsey Dugan-girls 10 & Under and Chad Martensen-girls 14 & Under coach.
• Baylie Schiltmeyer as sub guard
• Building Permit—Karen Eischeid
• Pumps and transducer for sewer plant at the cost of  $20167.50
• Purchasing a new dumpster for fire hall
• Replacing City Hall sidewalk for $8370.00
Discussions were held:
• Pressure Grouting Technology
• Culvert at Paul Pelster’s
• Removal of storage container off of State right-of-way
• Same day delivery and removal of dumpster for clean up
• Opening bathrooms at park for Easter Egg Hunt
• Sewer plant and line clean out
• Fire Hydrant and valve repairs
• Dumpsters and location for Q125
• Other storm sewers in need of repair
• Storage Bunker
• Hydrant heads for the campground
• Next regular meeting will be held on Monday,  May 5, 2014
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
PUBLISH: April 16, 2014