Proceedings — Elgin City Council

March 3, 2014
The Elgin City Council met in regular session on Monday, March 3, 2014, at 7:30 p.m., pursuant to posted notice.  Mayor Schmitt called the meeting to order, and announced the location of the Open Meeting Act.  Council members present were Don Mackel, Kenny Jochum, Shirley Nissen and Jim Kittelson.
A complete and accurate copy of the minutes is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the City Clerk’s office.
The following agenda items were approved:
February regular meeting, One and Six Year Street Hearing minutes, treasurer’s report, transaction report, and paying the claims.
GENERAL: ERPPD, se, 101.20; Great Plains Communications, se, 55.27; Fitzgerald,  Vetter & Temple, se, 398.59; Jeannette
Meis, se, 75.00; Prudential, retirement, 578.27; USTreasury, tax, 2339.64; APPEARA,  su, 26.52; Eakes Office Plus, su, 48.96; Elgin Review, se, 335.00; Dean’s Market, su, 22.32; Source Gas, se, 333.75;  Bank of  ; Elgin, ins, 1800.00; Bank of Elgin,  loan, 500.00; D. Miller, se, 40.00; Payroll, 1612.37
SALES TAX: To General; $545.27; To Fire Fund; $16618.21
STREET: ERPPD, se, 1567.71; Elgin One Stop, su, 40.52; Verizonwireless, su, 14.60; Bank of Elgin, loan, 875.05; Source Gas, se, 138.53; The Station, su, 238.31; Elgin Auto Parts, su, 7.28; Complete Pest Control Elimination, se, 3040.00; Payroll, 1140.23
WATER: ERPPD, se, 645.66; NE Dept of Revenue, tax, 1587.38; Verizonwireless, su, 14.60; Great Plains Communications,  se, 90.98; US Post Office, su, 61.10; NE Health Lab, test, 66.00; One Call Concepts, se, 3.33; Bank of Elgin, bad check, 175.71; Payroll, 2280.44
SEWER: ERPPD, se, 901.53; NE Department of Revenue, tax, 646.41;  Great Plains Communications, se, 46.11; Dean’s Market, su, 4.49; Midwest Labs, test, 152.58; One Call Concept, se, 3.32; CVA, su, .75; Elgin Auto Parts, su, 16.74; MARC, su, 1044.52; NRWA, class, 150.00; D. Poulsen, ex, 18.41; R.Henn, ex, 6.97; Payroll, 873.61
FIRE: ERPPD, se, 250.04; Great Plains Communications, se, 52.30; APPEARA, su, 26.51; Source Gas, se, 84381; Bank of Elgin, loan, 1846.71; Midwest Electrical, se, 1452.00; EVFD, allotment, 2300.00; Elgin Machine & Equip, su, 106.95; Deets Hometore, se, 7553.66Flenniken Plumbing, se, 1746.55; Schmitt Const, se, 5866.00
POLICE: Antelope Co Sheriff, se, 2600.00; J.P.Cooke Co, su, 57.37; Elgin Review, su, 35.50
TRASH PICKUP/RECYCLING: Bud’s Sanitary Service, se, 4758.00; Betty Moser, rent, 100.00
POOL: ERPPD, se, 28.09; Source Gas, se, 24.55; DHHS, license, 40.00
PARK: ERPPD, se, 1622.15; Payroll, 266.58
LIBRARY: ERPPD, se, 72.61; Source Gas, se, 155.03; Amazon, bks, 138.93; Great Plains Communication, se, 55.64; Jarecki
Lawncare, su, 15.00; NE Library System, class, 25.00; Payroll, 909.77
Tabled any action on Professional Retail Operations Agreement with ERPPD, Until the City Attorney investigates changes from present agreement
Proceed with the agreement, with the purchase price of $20,000.00 and begin steps for the test well.
Resolution 2014-2 setting late fee charge at $15.00 if not paid by the 30th of the month
Tabled any action on culvert at Pelster’s until engineer and Mayor check into it
Purchasing two trees to be planned on Arbor Day, grass and mulch for Centennial Garden
Hiring Rutjen’s Construction to place two 20’ culverts along Bowen Street, with Legion to provide dirt and the hauling
Purchasing six red benches for downtown area
Heidi Rethmeier as girls 14 and Under coach
Sue Vanis and Emily Vanis as co-managers
Sharla Schindler, Katie Polk, Madison Voborny, Hayley Stamp and Zack Polk as full time lifeguards
Zack Polk as sub manager
Taya Voborny and Elizabeth Selting as sub guards
TopKote Inc., to provide 7000 gallons of armor coat oil at $3.02 per gallon
Enter in to closed session to discuss future infrastructure improvements or acquisitions at 8:20 p.m.
Reconvened in open session at 8:25 p.m.
Purchasing a DX260 Commerce Dixon for $8,160.00
File a complaint for utility bill owed to the City
Discussions were held:
Create a list of all storms sewers that need repair
Discussion on location of new digital sign and plans for Elgin Area Economic Development Corporation lot
Hiring Duane Esau to mow park, library and lot at $10.00 per hour
Sign for fire storage building
Clerk attending Academy March 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th.
Next regular meeting will be held on Monday,  March 3, 2014
Meeting adjourned at 8:45p.m.
PUBLISH: March 12, 2014