Proceedings — District #18 Board of Education

Distance Learning Room, EPS
October 8, 2014, 7:30 PM
President Laurie Waterbury called the Hearing for the Board Policy 606.06, Acceptable Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet to order at 7:15 PM.  Board members present were Steve Busteed, Bob Hoefer, Steve Heithoff,  and Laurie Waterbury.  Ryan Reestman arrived at 7:25 PM.  The hearing was closed at 7:30 p.m. and President Waterbury called the regular October 2014 Meeting to order at that time.  Board members present were Ryan Reestman, Steve Busteed,  Steve Heithoff, Laurie Waterbury, and Bob Hoefer.  Also present were Superintendent Dan Polk, Principal Greg Wemhoff, Paula Jensen,  Kim Zwingman, Crystal Borer, and Eric Heithoff.
President Waterbury led the “Pledge of Allegiance.” Waterbury reminded everyone that a copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Law was posted in the meeting room.
School board meeting notice complied with Meeting Notice Policy #204.07.
Steve Heithoff motioned and Ryan Reestman second to approve the Consent Agenda: #5- Minutes of Regular Meeting, #6- Adopt the Agenda, #7- Financial Report, #8- Board Bills. Motion carried, vote 5-0.
The Brenmar Co., Instru Expense, $161.60; Brown & Saenger, Instru Expense, $3,134.92; Central NE Rehab, SpEd Expense, $30.87; CVA, Maintenance, $395.73; City of Neligh, Maintenance, $13.20; Conjuguemos, Instru Expense, $45.00; Corner Service & Tire, Transportation, $64.15; Dean’s Market, Maintenance, $59.79, Instru Expense, $80.67; Eakes Office Plus, Business Expense, $76.99; Elgin Appliance, Maintenance, $96.29; Elgin Auto Parts, Transportation, $12.95; Elgin Equip, Maintenance, $67.25; Elgin One Stop, Transportation, $838.55, Instru Expense, $96.84; Elgin Review, Instru Expense, $457.00, Board Expense, $70.37; Elite Office Products, Instru Expense, $1,115.79; Follett, Instru Expense, $1,281.96; Great Plains Comm., Business Expense, $594.51; Green Line Equip, Maintenance, $74.31; Hadley Braithwait, Maintenance, $161.40; Harding & Schultz, Board Expense, $78.00; Island Supply, Instru Expense, $1,385.78; Jonny Dodge, Transportation, $255.93; Junior Library Guild, Instru Expense, $636.00; KnowBuddy, Instru Expense, $214.50; Loup Valley Lighting, Maintenance, $236.71; McGraw-Hill, Instru Expense, $1,050.00; Midwest Floor Spec., Maintenance, $385.30; MSM Enterprises, SpEd Expense, $355.48; NASB, Board Expense, $806.00; NCSA, Supt. Expense, $125.00; NCSA, Title Expense, $350.00; NSCA, Title Expense, $150.00; Onesource, Instru Expense, $49.00; Overland Rehab, SpEd Expense, $85.82; Precision Repair, Transportation, $107.27; Reimbursement, $541.33; Schumacher Exterm., Maintenance, $80.00; The Station, Instru Expense, $1,740.58; Thompson Co., Maintenance, $343.63; Tyler Business Forms, Business Expense, $264.20; US Bank, $3,322.35; Verizon Business, Business Expense, $120.84; Verizon Wireless, Business Expense, $283.82; Wanek Pharmacy, Nurse Expense, $10.97; Wizard’s Castle, Instru Expense, $30.90; Zaner Bloser, Instru Expense, $18.29
Total Board Bills: $21,957.84
August Payroll: $197,582.89
Total Board Bills/ Payroll: $219,540.73
President Waterbury recognized visitors and asked if the patrons had any comments.  Crystal Borer reported on the implementation of the Saxon math program.  She reported that students and teachers are adjusting nicely and improvement in scores will not be immediate.
In committee reports, the building & grounds completed the increased lighting at the concession stand and the overflow parking near the practice field.  The Wolfpack co-op committee met recently.  They discussed the use of facilities and the purchase of clothing by students.  They clarified the filling of open coaching positions and created a voucher system for Wolfpack expenses.  Pope John AD will handle all scheduling of volleyball, wrestling, track, and golf.  Elgin Public AD will handle scheduling of all football and basketball.  The subcommittee will meet three times per year.
Principal Wemhoff reported on the multicultural report, map testing and homecoming.
Special Recognition was given to Steve Heithoff for completion of Level 7 Training  and Stan Heithoff for his Level 3 completion
Supt. Polk reiterated the present option enrollment criteria and spoke about student mobility.
Forms for the superintendent evaluation were distributed.  The evaluation will be completed online this year for easier tabulation by the board president.
Reestman motioned and Steve Busteed second to excuse Stan Heithoff from the meeting.  Vote 5-0, motion carried.
In action items, after review there were no changes to the board policy 606.06 Acceptable Use of Computers, Technology and the Internet.
Reestman motioned and Steve Heithoff second to approve the purchase of three copiers from Elite Office Products in the amount of   $9,075.00 .  Vote 5-0, motion carried.
Busteed motioned and Reestman second to purchase conference sign s to hang in the gym.  Vote 5-0, motion carried.
The next regular board meeting will be on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 7:30 PM at the EPS Distance Learning Room.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Reestman and seconded by Bob Hoefer.  All voted aye, motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:51 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Ryan Reestman, Secretary
Paula Jensen, Recorder
-This is a draft copy and does not become official Elgin Public Board minutes until approved at the next regular or advertised meeting.
PUBLISH: October 22, 2014