Proceedings — District #18 Board of Education

Regular Meeting
Distance Learning Room, EPS
May 14, 2014, 7:30 PM
President Waterbury called the regular May Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Board members present were Stan Heithoff, Steve Heithoff, Bob Hoefer, Ryan Reestman, and Laurie Waterbury.  Also present were Superintendent Dan Polk, Principal Greg Wemhoff, Paula Jensen, Dennis Morgan, Amy Klein, and Kerri Drueke.  Absent was Steve Busteed.
President Waterbury led the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  Waterbury reminded everyone that a copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Law was posted in the meeting room.
School board meeting notice complied with Meeting Notice Policy #204.07.
President Waterbury amended the agenda to add item 17A.- Approve principal salary.  Steve Heithoff motioned and Stan Heithoff second to approve the Consent Agenda as amended: #5- Minutes of Previous Meeting, #6- Adopt the Agenda, #7- Financial Report, #8- Board Bills. Motion carried, vote 5-0.
Apple, Instru Expense, $18,514.85; City of Elgin, Maintenance, $667.75; Central NE Rehab, SpEd Expense, $716.76; CVA, Maintenance, $830.87, Instru Expense, $164.33; Corner Service & Tire, Transportation, $734.96; Dean’s Market, Instru Expense, $200.27, Maintenance, $21.88; Decker, Maintenance, $100.22; Eakes, Instru Expense, $475.03; ESU8, $17,833.09; Educational Resources, Instru Expense, $3,300.50; Elgin Equipment, Maintenance, $61.75; Elgin One Stop, Transportation, $1,343.96; Elgin Public School Yearbook, Instru Expense, $30.00; Elgin Review, Business Expense, $833.00, Board Expense, $62.03; Elite Office Products, Business Expense, $178.30; Embassy Suites, Title Expense, $429.00; Fisher Scientific , Instru Expense, $35.68; Flenniken Plmbg & Htg, Maintenance, $126.00; Frey Scientific, Instru Expense, $18.00; Great Plains Comm, Business Expense, $465.78; Hiatt School Safety, Maintenance, $240.00; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Instru Expense, $12,443.92; Iburg, Sherri, SpEd Expense, $71.68; Island Supply, Instru Expense, $114.16; Jonny Dodge, Transportation , $1,050.03; Kittelson, Jim, Maintenance, $467.50; MSM Enterprises, SpEd Expense, $2,725.16; NASSP, Principal Expense, $85.00; NE DOL Boiler Inspection, Maintenance, $180.00; Novel Ideas, Instru Expense, $3,300.50; Omaha World Herald, Instru Expense, $45.50; Overland Rehab, SpEd Expense, $236.30; Principal Financial , Business Expense, $59.98; Protex Central , Maintenance, $33.72; Quality Iron & Metal, Maintenance, $58.11; Renaissance Learning, Instru Expense, $2,179.00; Schumacher, Maintenance, $150.00; Staples, Maintenance, $295.94; The Station, Transportation, $1,842.49; Thompson Co., Maintenance, $101.64; University of Oregon, Instru Expense, $76.00; Verizon Business, Business Expense, $135.80; Verizon Wireless, Business Expense, $431.55; Winners Circle, Instru Expense, $57.40
Total Board Bills: $73,525.39
March Payroll: $186,691.28
Total Board Bills/ Payroll: $260,216.67
President Waterbury recognized visitors and asked if the patrons had any comments.
In Committee reports, the Buildings & Grounds reported on work at the football field.
Principal Wemhoff reported on the School Improvement external visit held in May.  Spring activities and awards nights are winding down.  FCCLA is hosting a Burger Bash to help with expenses to National Convention along with a grant from the Richard Kalvelage Trust Fund.
Supt. Polk reported that a Jump Start Summer School will be held July 7-August 1 to help struggling students prepare for next school year.  He distributed a calendar of summer work to be completed and reported on the textbook rotation that will be set up in future years.
Steve Busteed arrived at 7:50 p.m.
In action items, the board reviewed an estimate to redo plumbing and fixtures in the gym kitchen and locker rooms.  Ryan Reestman motioned, Steve Heithoff second to approve the estimate in the amount of $10,960 from Volkman Plumbing for redoing pipework and some fixtures in the gym kitchen and all locker rooms.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Stan Heithoff motioned, Steve Busteed second to approve curriculum for K-12 without social studies and preschool.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Reestman motioned, Stan Heithoff second to approve classified work agreements as recommended by Mr. Polk.  All voted aye, motion carried.
Steve Heithoff motioned, Busteed second to approve transportation rates as recommended by Mr. Polk and increase substitute teacher pay from $90 per day to $100 per day.  All voted aye, motion carried.
Stan Heithoff motioned, Reestman second to approve transportation contract with Pope John School.  All voted aye, motion carried.
Busteed motioned, Bob Hoefer second to approve estimate from Schmitt Construction in amount of $32,428 to insulate the east and west walls of the gymnasium.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Hoefer motioned to approve the principal’s salary increase of $1,000 for 2014-15 school year.  Stan Heithoff seconded.  All voted aye, motion carried.
Motion by Stan Heithoff, seconded by Reestman to adjourn the meeting.  All voted aye, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m.
Board members were invited to the staff appreciation luncheon to be held on May 21, 2014 at noon.  Staff recognition awards will be presented followed by a retirement reception.  The public is invited to the cake/punch retirement reception at 1:00 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be held on June 12, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Distance Learning Room at Elgin Public School.
Respectfully submitted,
Ryan Reestman, Secretary
Paula Jensen, Recorder
-This is a draft copy and does not become official Elgin Public Board minutes until approved at the next regular or advertised meeting.
PUBLISH: May 21, 2014