Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

Neligh, Nebraska
March 8, 2016
Chairman opened meeting.  Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s Office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Schindler, Koinzan, Henery, Kerkman and Schwager.  Bolling and Williby absent.
Claims were reviewed.  Approved to pay claims as presented.
Mark Albin, ex, 1035.55; Antelope Co Court, ex, 338.53; Antelope Co Dist Court, ex, 195.00; Antelope Co Sheriff, ex, 99.93; Appeara, ex, 40.80; Applied Connective, ex, 143.80; AS Central, ex, 582.60; Bomgaars, ex, 11.96; Eleanor Brady, ps, 25.00; Dean Brown, ps, 25.00; Carpenter Reporting, ex, 387.20; Casey’s, ex, 582.81; Cash-WA Dist, ex, 1023.85; Neligh City, ut, 4483.52; Clearwater Record, ex, 1102.86; Dist Court Clerk Assn, ex, 35.00; Consolidated Mgt, ex, 55.00; Cubby’s, ex, 181.44; Datascope, ex, 251.40; Dollar General, ex, 106.15; Dugan Forms, ex, 407.82; Eakes Office, ex, 882.06; Elgin One Stop, ex, 36.50; Elgin Review, ex, 368.04; Elite Court Reporting, ex, 881.25; Elite Office, ex, 201.14; Elkhorn River Farms, ex, 36.00; Frontier Comm, ut, 2091.33; Good Life Counseling, ex, 796.20; Patti Good, ex, 58.56; Great Plains Comm, ut, 190.00; Lyle Hart, ex, 200.00; Heartland Fire, ex, 143.25; Nadene Hughes, ps, 14.00; Indoff, ex, 44.26; Jack’s Uniforms, ex, 45.95; Frank Kamphaus, ps, 16.00; Marian Kirby, ex, 335.50; Knox Co Emergency Mgt, ex, 361.05; Jeffrey Doerr, ex, 2618.22; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 1095.47; Madison Co Court, ex, 3.25; Madison Co Sheriff, ex, 27.69; Leo Market, ex, 20.00; Marvin Planning Consult, ex, 2100.00; Matthew Bender, ex, 120.93; Microfilm Imaging, ex, 87.00; MIPS, ex, 669.72; Mr S’s, ex, 95.50; National 4-H Council, ex, 17.70; Nebr Emergency Ser, ex, 45.00; NE Health & Human Services, ex, 186.00; Nebr Law Enforcement, ex, 220.00; Nebr Supreme Court, ex, 54.50; Nebr Weed Control Assn, ex, 120.00; Neligh News, ex, 2727.16; Northeast Community College, ex, 84.00; NE Nebr RC & D, ex, 1500.00; NE Research & Extension, ex, 119.95; Office Depot, ex, 345.88; Valorie Olson, ex, 4289.25; One Office Solution, ex, 113.69; Orchard News, ex, 208.77; Orval’s Auto, ex, 53.25; Pathology Medical Ser, ex, 2623.74; Donna Payne, ps, 25.00; Pinnacle Bank, ex, 246.13; Precision Repair, ex, 43.84; Greg Ptacek, ex, 206.48; Quill Corp, ex, 768.75; Sanne Rpr, ex, 168.47; Saunders Co Court, ex, 3.75; Marlene Schindler, ex, 65.98; Nebr Secretary Of State, ex, 40.00; Shell Fleet, ex, 363.60; Caroline Siems, ps, 25.00; Source Gas, ut, 1305.22; Thriftway Mkt, ex, 196.47; UNL ITS Comm, ex, 91.04; Verizon, ut, 46.46; Bonita Welke, ps, 22.00; Willie’s Ser, ex, 43.32; Don Zegers Contracting, ex, 187.00.
Road & Bridge at Large: Bomgaars, ex, 23.98; Cubby’s, ex, 177.96; D & M Mach, ex, 175.19; Casey Dittrich, ex, 56.64; Elkhorn Rural Power, ut, 90.35; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 259.07; Fastenal Co, ex, 116.75; Heartland Hydraulics, ex, 393.89; Hometown Station, ex, 84.25; Island Supply Weld, ex, 226.50; J & A Tree Ser, ex, 465.00; JEO Consulting, ex, 8238.00; Jonny Dodge, ex, 19,176.88; Knife River, ex, 1925.10; Kumm Gas, ex, 260.88; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 3114.06; Midwest Ser, ex, 5852.00; Mr S’s, ex, 488.15; N & B Gas, ut, 494.54; Nebr Public Power, ut, 51.57; Neligh Auto, ex, 41.98; Netcom, ex, 721.00; Newman Traffic Signs, ex, 325.07; OK Auto, ex, 24.79; Orval’s Auto, ex, 119.00; Pats Signs, ex, 292.25; Powerplan, ex, 2908.44; Quality Iron, ex, 66.50; Quick Serve, ex, 197.10; Royal One Stop, ex, 241.20; Sapp Bro, ex, 1136.00; Source Gas, ut, 1289.65; Switzer Welding, ex, 992.00; Tinsley Grain, ex, 1441.50; Verizon Wireless, ut, 300.86.
Brunswick Area: Bomgaars, ex, 87.05; Frontier Comm, ut, 73.66; Key Sanitation, ut, 18.00; Kumm Gas, ex, 3176.48; Lazy T Tire, ex, 1350.80; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 5315.62; Neligh Auto, ex, 240.75; NMC Exchange, ex, 606.87; North Central Power, ut, 236.33; Northeast Glass, ex, 480.50; Quality Iron, ex, 245.60; Road Builders Mach, ex, 1196.37; David Totten, ex, 60.00; Brunswick Village, ut, 83.00; Zee Medical, ex, 60.15.
Orchard Area: Blain Pumping & Plumb, ex, 372.12; Bomgaars, ex, 6.69; Frontier Comm, ut, 79.73; Green Line Equip, ex, 105.71; Horstmann Electric, ex, 33.52; Lazy T Tire, ex, 29.37; Neligh Auto, ex, 63.78; North Central Power, ut, 205.45; Powerplan, ex, 1807.69; Royal One Stop, ex, 161.82; Source Gas, ut, 305.59; Orchard Village, ut, 113.00; Zee Medical, ex, 54.30.
Clearwater Area: Bomgaars, ex, 171.33; Elkhorn Rural Power, ut, 148.93; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 2796.10; Green Line Equip, ex, 105.71; Jonny Dodge, ex, 314.11; Matteo Sand, ex, 781.65; NMC Exchange, ex, 163.75; NE Nebr Telephone, ut, 105.00; Powerplan, ex, 1100.75; Quality Iron, ex, 65.00; Shell Fleet, ex, 135.79; Source Gas, ut, 300.96; Clearwater Village, ut, 54.00; Zee Medical, ex, 52.20.
Neligh Area: Bomgaars, ex, 11.50; Cubby’s, ex, 198.74; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 1194.59; Frontier Comm, ut, 115.08; Jon’s Welding, ex, 455.00; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 288.50; Neligh Auto, ex, 66.52; NMC Exchange, ex, 234.77; Zee Medical, ex, 41.20.
Tilden Area: Black Hills Energy, ut, 134.39; Bomgaars, ex, 54.96; Tilden City, ut, 104.82; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 1391.88; Frontier Comm, ut, 73.64; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 2582.56; Matteo Sand, ex, 1394.97; Mr S’s, ex, 71.37; NMC Exchange, ex, 384.00; Overhead Door, ex, 248.75; Quality Iron, ex, 178.98; Zee Medical, ex, 29.75.
Oakdale Area: Bomgaars, ex, 81.85; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 1563.31; Great Plains Comm, ut, 134.28; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 1405.78; Matteo Sand, ex, 8643.84; Mr S’s, ex, 65.71; Nebr Public Power, ut, 51.57; NMC Exchange, ex, 27.20; Source Gas, ut, 414.57.
Elgin Area: Bomgaars, ex, 121.68. Central Valley, ex, 12.99; Elkhorn Rural Power, ut, 99.19; Great Plains Comm, ut, 126.09; Hometown Station, ex, 176.35; Sapp Bro, ex, 1136.00; Source Gas, ut, 268.53; Zee Medical, ex, 54.30.
Reappraisal Fund: NE Nebr Co Assessors Assn, ex, 25.00.
Register of Deeds: MIPS, ex, 285.33.
Law Enforcement Fund: Bob Barker Co, ex, 306.10; Boone Co Health, ex, 331.00; Cash-Wa Dist, ex, 56.52; Elgin Pharmacy, ex, 69.94; Pinnacle Bank, ex, 41.42; Protocall, ex, 700.00.
Building Fund: Ron Gilg, ex, 272.00; Midwest Automated Fire, ex, 306.00; O’Neill Pest Control, ex, 90.00.
General: Total Payroll: 82,239.89; Ameritas, ret, 12,707.94; WH, 9154.34; Garnishment, 594.00; SS, 16,433.38; AFLAC, ins, 200.98; Ameritas, ins, 569.28; BC/BS, 54,884.96; Colonial, ins, 58.25; 1st Concord, ins, 395.00; Madison National, ins, 375.38; Mid-American, ins, 270.00;  ST, 2991.83; Washington National, ins, 399.30.
Road & Bridge: Total Payroll, 53,875.72; Ameritas, ret 8074.10; Garnishment, 735.28; WH, 5900.40; SS, 10,799.02; AFLAC, ins, 189.77; Ameritas, ins, 201.84; BC/BS, 29,758.14; Colonial, ins, 64.80; 1st Concord, ins, 208.33; Madison National, ins, 223.92; Mid-American, ins, 142.50; ST, 2128.47; Washington National, ins, 24.90.
Reviewed correspondence.  Pledge collateral was reviewed.  Sheriff February Fee Report was reviewed.
No action on selling/giving cement chunks.
Approved 1 underground permit.
Approved fuel contract with Farmers Pride.
No action on Million Dollar corner resolution.
Welder position and differential was discussed.
Approved Washington National Life to sell Guaranteed Life Policies to employees.
Set employee wellness fair date for April 14, 2016.
Approved County Sheriff to acquire bids for building a communications tower.
Approved gravel, culvert, asphalt, and armor coating bids.
Heard Road Boss report.
Authorized Chairman to sign Livestock Friendly application.
Approved buy down benefits to stay with Mid-American Benefits.
Discussed using Inheritance Tax Fund for purchasing equipment/road improvements.  No action.
Dean Smith representing Protect Antelope County’s Future addressed the board regarding halting the present wind farm project.
Letter from Dean Smith regarding zoning regulations was read.
No action on Power Plan Credit Limit.
Discussed Zoning Administrator position and options.  Approved to advertise for part-time Zoning Administrator.
Canceled Planning Commission meeting and hearing for the 21st of March.
Appointed Liz Doerr Interim Zoning Administrator, at $25.00 an hour.
Meeting Adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: March 16, 2016