Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

Neligh, Nebraska
April 14, 2015
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Kerkman, Schindler, Bolling, Williby, Brandt and Schwager. Henery absent.
Claims were reviewed and motion to pay.
General: Adams Co Sheriff, Ex, 19.50; Advanced Correctional Healthcare, Ex, 9.00; Antelope Co Court, Ex, 34.00; Antelope County Shooters Club, Ex, 100.00; Antelope Memorial Hospital, Ex, 2,069.00; Appeara, Ex, 81.60; As Central Finance, Ex, 607.20; Bob Barker Co, Ex, 207.05; Bok Financial Services, Ex, 200.00; Merlin Bolling, Mlg, 98.56; Bomgaars, Ex, 147.47; Eleanor J Brady, Ps, 25.00; Harlan Brandt, Mlg, 58.80; Deborah L Branstiter, Mlg, 42.55; Dean Brown, Ps, 25.00; Buffalo Co Sheriff, Ex, 22.11; Carney Law, Ex, 3,264.06; Casey’s General Stores Inc, Ex, 287.24; City Of Elgin, Ut, 1,750.00; City Of Neligh, Ut, 2,648.70; City Of Neligh-Recycling, Ut, 250.00; Clearwater Record, Ex, 609.15; Antelope Co District Court, Ex, 449.00; Colonial Research Chemical Cor, Ex, 234.23; Judith M Cole, Mlg, 46.92; Consolidated Mgt, Ex, 8.50; Cubby’s, Ex, 555.32; April Curtiss, Ex, 67.50; Dean’s Market, Ex, 95.07; Dell Marketing, Ex, 49.99; Dollar General, Ex, 147.25; Dugan Business Forms, Ex, 288.50; Dusty’s, Ex, 47.00; Eakes Office Plus, Ex, 186.39; Election Systems, Ex, 629.78; Elgin One Stop, Ex, 334.50; Elgin Review, Ex, 257.64; Elite Office Products, Ex, 867.68; Elkhorn River Farms, Ex, 36.00; Fairfield Inn, Ex, 299.85; Faith Regional Services, Ex, 15,258.50; Frontier Comm, Ut, 2,731.82; Good Life Counseling, Ex, 260.00; Tessa Hain, Mlg, 40.25; Heartland Fire, Ex, 366.50; Charles F Henery, Mlg, 96.32; Hometown Station, Ex, 255.92; Nadene Hughes, Ps, 14.00; Indoff, Ex, 38.49; Jonny Dodge, Ex, 821.97; Frank Kamphaus, Ps, 16.00; Leroy Kerkman, Mlg, 16.24; Kinnan Construction, Ex, 248.80; Lancaster Co Sheriff, Ex, 39.05; Jeffrey M Doerr, Ex, 2,816.19; Lichtenberg Tire, Ex, 18.00; Madison Co Sheriff, Ex, 978.29; Ronald J Marshall, Mlg, 70.25; Marvin Planning Consultants, Ex, 750.00; Microfilm Imaging Systems, Ex, 87.00; Mips Inc, Ex, 404.56; Morland, Easland & Lohrberg, Pc, Ex, 202.50; Moyers Dept Store, Ex, 566.00; Kelly Mueller, Ex, 4.53; Nebr Assn Of Co Treasurers, Ex, 75.00; Naco, Ex, 30.00; Nebr Depart Of Labor, Unem, 5,462.97; Ne Health & Human Services, Ex, 168.00; Neligh Auto, Ex, 11.69; Neligh News & Leader, Ex, 770.60; Ne Research & Extension Ctr, Ex, 119.57; Norfolk Daily News, Ex, 164.31; Ne Nebr Assn Of County Office, Ex, 225.00; Ok Tire Store Inc, Ex, 630.58; Orchard News, Ex, 185.08; Orval’s Auto, Ex, 54.25; Donna Payne, Ps, 25.00; Antelope Co Clerk-Petty Cash, Ex, 17.59; Antelope Co Dist Court-Petty Cash, Ex, 117.69; Pinnacle Bank, Ex, 598.52; Precision Rpr, Ex, 55.85; Quill Corp, Ex, 274.98; Region Iv, Ex, 4,315.00; Region Iv, Ex, 2,808.00; Reliable Office Supplies, Ex, 751.04; Edmund J Schindler, Mlg, 127.68; Jerald Schwager, Mlg, 78.40; Sd/Ne Pls Committee, Ex, 250.00; Shell Fleet Plus, Ex, 692.00; Caroline Siems, Ps, 25.00; Source Gas, Ut, 1,839.56; Thriftway Market, Ex, 647.73; Unl Its Communications, Ex, 167.10; Us Cellular, Ex, 365.31; Verizon Wireless, Ex, 45.38; Clearwater Village, Ex, 1,750.00; Wanek Drug, Ex, 747.84; Bonita Welke, Ps, 22.00; Neil Williby, Mlg, 84.56; Willie’s Service, Ex, 49.27; Woods & Aitken Llp, Ex, 3,640.00
Road & Bridge: Brunswick Area
Bomgaars, Ex, 252.35; Frontier Comm, Ut, 76.55; Heartland Fire, Ex, 167.25; Key Sanitation, Ex, 18.00; Mr S’s, Ex, 55.40; N & B Gas Co, Ut, 296.84; Neligh Auto, Ex, 387.35; North Central Public Power, Ut, 177.91; Quality Iron & Metal, Ex, 154.64; Tinsley Grain, Ex, 643.69; Brunswick Village, Ut, 39.50
Orchard Area: Dusty’s, Ex, 165.07; Frontier Comm, Ut, 63.16; Largen Mfg, Ex, 20.00; North Central Public Power, Ut, 128.05; Ok Tire Store, Ex, 510.00; Source Gas, Ut, 351.43; Willie’s Service, Ex, 45.83
Clearwater Area: Elkhorn Rural Public Power, Ut, 152.19; Emme Sand, Ex, 1,166.62; Kayton International, Ex, 30.51; Neligh Auto, Ex, 132.35; Ne Machine & Manufacturing, Ex, 333.00; Ne Nebr Telephone, Ut, 44.00; Pollock Redi Mix, Ex, 1,328.36; Shell Fleet Plus, Ex, 111.94; Source Gas, Ut, 387.77; Clearwater Village, Ut, 53.50; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 1,886.52; Nmc Exchange, Ex, 1,348.66
Neligh Area: Bomgaars, Ex, 36.01; Cubby’s Inc, Ex, 157.39; Elgin Body & Glass, Ex, 450.00; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, Ut, 279.50; Frontier Comm, Ut, 60.50; Heartland Fire, Ex, 144.50; Jonny Dodge, Ex; 41.25; Neligh Auto, Ex, 102.30; Ok Auto Parts, Ex, 310.01; Road Builders Mach, Ex, 311.63; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 1,504.27
Tilden Area: Black Hills Energy, Ex, 213.96; Bryant Home Comfort, Ex, 468.70; City Of Tilden, Ut, 81.60; Bank Of America, Ut, 710.33; Darren’s Service, Ex, 122.20; Frontier Comm, Ut, 61.29; Matteo Sand, Ex, 300.20; Mr S’s, Ex, 57.00; Nebraska Public Power Dist, Ut, 229.51
Oakdale Area: Bomgaars, Ex, 23.95; Central Sand & Gravel, Ex, 220.99; Great Plains Comm, Ut, 79.11; Green Line Equip, Ex, 56.85; Matteo Sand, Ex, 1,963.00; Mr S’s, Ex, 241.16; Nebraska Public Power Dist, Ut, 54.79; Road Builders Mach, Ex, 3,937.60; Source Gas, Ut, 506.23; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 255.12; Nmc Exchange, Ex, 533.56
Elgin Area: Bomgaars, Ex, 145.96; Central Valley Ag, Ex, 12.47; City Of Elgin, Ut, 54.75; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, Ut, 49.81; Emme Sand, Ex, 1,366.86; Great Plains Comm, Ut, 51.84; Heartland Hydraulics, Ex, 160.78; Hometown Station, Ex, 126.12; Sapp Bros Petroleum, Ex, 1,631.02; Source Gas, Ut, 460.87
At Large: Amh Family Practice, Ex, 126.00; Appeara, Ex, 177.81; Atco International, Ex, 286.50; B’s Enterprises, Ex, 483.00; Beaver Bearing, Ex, 1,954.97; Beckman Lumber, Ex, 87.81; Bolling Excavating, Ex, 587.00; Bomgaars, Ex, 57.31; Duaine M Brandt, Ex, 140.00; Bygland Dirt Contracting, Ex, 5,427.20; City Of Plainview, Ut, 4,234.88; Cubby’s Inc, Ex, 103.44; Fastenal Company, Ex, 92.51; Heartland Fire, Ex, 1,166.98; Island Supply Welding, Ex, 217.83; J M Truck Repair, Ex, 728.73; Jebro Inc, Ex, 11,839.97; Jeo Consulting, Ex, 7,107.40; Jonny Dodge, Ex, 2,625.47; Knife River Midwest, Ex, 3,300.75; Lichtenberg Tire, Ex, 54.00; Matteo Sand, Ex, 1,273.80; Medical Enterprises Inc, Ex, 62.00; Midwest Service, Ex, 5,343.91; Mr S’s, Ex, 407.28; Nebraska Dept Of Revenue, Tx, 431.00; Newman Traffic Signs, Ex, 273.72; Norfolk Works, Ex, 45.00; Ok Auto Parts, Ex, 121.88; Ok Tire Store, Ex, 36.00; Orval’s Auto, Ex, 376.90; Pollock Redi Mix, Ex, 916.22; Royal One Stop, Ex, 63.10; Schlecht Trucking, Ex, 857.70; Dave Schrader, Ex, 7,612.50; Shell Fleet Plus, Ex, 108.05; Truck Center Of Norfolk, Ex, 2,303.55; 2 M Auto Repair, Ex, 295.00; Farmer’s Pride, Ex, 1,997.23
New Law Enforcement Bond: Bok Financial Services, Ex, 72,256.25
Promotional Fund: Orchard Historical Society, Ex, 300.00
Improvement Fund: Neligh Baseball Booster, Ex, 1,500.00; Orchard Historical Society, Ex, 1,466.60; Pierson Wildlife Museum, Ex, 1,299.00; Rod Preservation Fund: Mips Inc, Ex, 4,260.21
Building: Applied Connective Technologies, Ex, 1,893.51; Bomgaars, Ex, 267.40; Boyd’s Electrical, Ex, 27,093.41; Carhart Lumber Co, Ex, 7,533.00; Cash-Wa Dist, Ex, 9,513.00; Consolidated Plastics, Ex, 670.04; Cornhusker State Ind, Ex, 959.00; Great Plains Communications Inc, Ex, 10,000.00; Gutter Crew, Ex, 217.00; Hughes Construction, Ex, 3,327.50; Kinnan Construction, Ex, 9,280.00; Love Signs, Ex, 2,909.13; Merit Mechanical, Ex, 2,908.00; Midwest Storage Solutions, Ex, 99.23; Model Electric, Ex, 765.21; Ne Dol/Boiler Inspection Program, Ex, 145.50; Pinnacle Bank, Ex, 522.92; Reliable Office Supplies, Ex, 1,266.03; Sirchie Fingerprint Lab, Ex, 380.77; Source Gas, Ut, 1,600.22; Sysco, Ex, 2,707.71; Uline Shipping Supply, Ex, 365.31
Payroll: General Total Payroll, 79,562.66; Aflac, Ins, 98.54; Ameritas Dental, Ins, 1,469.07; Ameritas-Eye Ins, Ins, 515.52; Bc/Bs, Ins, 52,464.36; Colonial, Ins, 58.25; 1St Concord Benefits, Ins, 323.33; Wh, Tx, 9,366.58; Madison National Life, Ins, 537.31; Ss, Ss, 16,241.44; St, Sttax, 3,057.72; Antelope Co Mid-American Ben Trust, Ins, 3,240.00; Washington National, Ins, 399.30; Garnishment, 1,001.32; Ameritas Life, Ret, 12,197.90
Payroll: Road & Bridge Total Payroll, 43,577.23; Aflac, Ins, 337.49; Ameritas Dental, Ins, 870.22; Ameritas-Eye Ins, Ins, 190.64; Bc/Bs, Ins, 28,220.38; Colonial, Ins, 64.80; 1St Concord Benefits, Ins, 208.33; Wh, Tx, 4,566.85; Madison National Life, Ins, 270.00; Ss, Ss, 8,821.02; St, Tx, 1,606.91; Antelope Co Mid-American Ben Trust, Ins, 3,135.00; Washington National, Ins, 24.90; Garnishment, 765.60; Ameritas Life, Ret, 6,452.40
Correspondence was reviewed.
Sheriffs March Fee Report was reviewed.
Pledge Collateral was reviewed.
Discussion held on generator at old jail site/sheriff’s office. Tabled until May.
Discussion held on old jail site and museum site. Tabled until May.
Discussion on funds and functions over budget. Clerk requested transferring of moneys between funds. The expenditures weighed heavy, and the expenditures and asking figures did not balance. At current the funds were over without figures to substantiate it. Currently, she is working with the budget programmer, and he is verifying expenditures verses asking. The County Clerk will continue to figure the discrepancies and work on balancing the figures to assure a more accurate account of the funds. Notice was given of the need for a possible budget amendment hearing in May depending on the balancing of funds and the amount requested for April bills. Motion to hold public hearing in May if needed.
Interviewed three individuals for road crew job at the Clearwater Barn. Motion to hire.
Signed resolution for stop sign. Signed resolution for speed sign south of Old Mill Bridge. Tabled a stop sign and One and Six Year Resolutions for clarification.
Boyd Pedersen and Bill Rahder from Boyds Electric Inc. met with the board regarding the panic buttons at the courthouse. Tabled any action until May.
No action on a maintenance contract agreement with Merit Mechanical.
Sheriff Moore met with the board about commissary account. He discussed the jail budget, and funding. No action at this time.
Quarterly Jail Inspection by Supervisors Schwager, Kerkman, and Williby was performed.
Discussed Road Boss job description.
Meeting adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: April 22, 2015