Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

Neligh, Nebraska
June 10, 2014
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Brandt, Kerkman, Baker, Williby, Henery and Schwager.  Bolling absent.
Approved the following claims for payment: We, the Committee on Claims, report that we have examined and approved for payment the following claims:
GENERAL FUND: Joseph Abler, ex, 173.04; AMH Family Practice, ex, 191.00; Antelope District Court, ex, 32.00; Antelope Co Court, ex, 128.25; Antelope Dist Court, petty cash, 25.20; Antelope Co Sheriff, ex, 351.00; Antelope Co Treasurer, ex, 48.20;   Appeara, ex, 79.18; Applied Connective Technologies, ex, 837.70: AS Central Finance, ex, 527.60;  Larry Baker, mlg, 73.36; Bob Barker, ex, 174.95; Bomgaars, ex, 264.57; Eleanor Brady, ps, 25.00; Braun Pest Control, ex, 25.00; Brogan & Gray, ex, 1,468.42; Dean Brown, ps, 25.00; Carney Law, ex, 3,232.34; Char Carpenter, mlg, 145.60; Casey’s, ex, 411.12; Centec Cast Metal Prod, ex, 1,007.81; Elgin City, ex, 250.00; Neligh City, ut, 3,015.93; Clearwater Record, ex, 844.00; Consolidated Mgmt, ex13.75; Cornhusker State Industries, ex, 176.00; Creston Fertilizer, ex, 1,220.52; Cubby’s, ex, 336.68; April Curtiss, ex, 45.00; DDSS, ex, 1,764.00; Dollar General, ex, 191.25; Dusty’s, ex, 206.74; Eakes Office Plus, ex, 404.95; Elgin Appliance, ex, 189.00; Elgin One Stop, ex, 458.00; Elgin Review, ex, 198.26; Elite Office Prod, ex, 1,515.34;  Frontier Communications, ut, 2,654.44; Mike Hart, ex, 49.39;  Lynne Heithoff, ex, 50.55; Charles Henery, mlg, 95.20; Hilltop Drug, ex, 55.98; Holt Co Sheriff, ex, 61.67; Nadene Hughes, ps, 14.00; Indoff, ex, 38.51; Jack’s Uniforms, ex, 608.95; Jonny Dodge, ex, 5,122.00; Justice Data Solutions, ex, 2,100.00; Frank Kamphaus, ps, 16.00; Kirk Knapp, ex, 60.75; LeRoy Kerkman, mlg, 24.44; Law Offices of Jeffrey M Doerr, ex, 5,160.85; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 1,067.20;  Ronald Marshall, mlg, 61.60; MB Solutions, ex, 95.00; Microfilm Imaging, ex, 87.00; Microtel Inn & Suites, ex, 120.58; Mid, West Repair, ex, 616.00; MIPS, ex, 398.02; Moody Motors, ex1,225.00; Greg Mullins, mlg, 59.34; NACEB Assn, ex, 100.00; Nebr Advance Sheets, ex, 200.00;  NACO, ex, 85.00;  NE Health & Human Service, ex, 174.00; Nebr Law Enforcement, ex, 674.00; Neligh Postmaster, ex, 281.85; NIRMA, ex, 64,470.00; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher Service, ex, 183.00; NE Nebr Juvenile Service, ex, 5,227.50; Bruce Ofe, petty cash, 75.51; Orchard News, ex, 951.23; Donna Payne, ps, 25.00; Pencad, ex, 82.03; Pitney Bowes, ex, 3,000.00; Protex Central, ex, 176.00; RR Donnelley, ex, 165.63; Reliable Office Supplies, ex, 1,157.42; Sanne Repair, ex, 459.33; Jerald Schwager, mlg, 40.95; Neligh Auto & Machine, ex, 49.89; Shell Fleet, ex, 831.46; Sheriff Civil Division, ex, 35.00; Caroline Siems, ps, 25.00; Source Gas, ut, 187.29; South Dakota Sheriff’s Assn, ex, 195.00; The Station, ex, 104.19; Telebeep, ex, 10.00; Thriftway Mkt, ex, 381.79; Tilden Citizen, ex, 699.00; Town & Country Autobody, ex, 319.00; University of Nebraska, ex, 15.00; US Cellular, ut, 363.53; William VanBrocklin, ex, 10.00; Verizon Wireless, ut, 94.92; Clearwater Village, ut, 250.00; Oakdale Village, ut, 250.00; Antelope Co Sheriff’s Visa, ex, 1,081.18;  Wanek’s Drug, ex, 271.33; Bonita Welke, ps, 22.00; Western Office Plus, ex, 458.77; Rod Wilke, mlg, 64.14; David Willats, ex, 10.00; Neil Williby, mlg, 18.48; Gail Wortman, mlg, 81.00; Dave Wright, mlg, 10.00; Zee Medical, ex, 19.05; Derek Zuhlke, mlg, 67.20; Taser Intl, ex, 590.48
ROAD & BRIDGE: (Brunswick Area) Bomgaars, ex, 13.99; Frontier Communications, ut, 79.47; Blackburn Mfg, ex, 11.18; Key Sanitation, ut, 18.00; Green Line Equip, ex, 206.40; Kumm Gas, ex, 5,158.25;Mitchell Machine Works, ex, 45.65;  Mitteis Gravel, ex, 818.32; North Central Public Power, ut, 145.74; Brunswick Village, ut, 37.50 (Orchard Area) Dusty’s, ex, 221.78;  Frontier Comunication, ut, 63.20; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 313.00; North Central Public Power, ut, 56.65; Orchard Lumber, ex, 22.85; Source Gas, ut, 169.99 (Clearwater Area) Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 117.12; NE Nebr Telephone, ut, 46.00; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 4,249.50; Shell Fleet, ex, 163.95; Clearwater Village, ut, 53.50 (Neligh Area) Bomgaars, ex, 3.76; Cubby’s, ex, 282.48; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 50.32; Frontier Communications, ut, 59.35; Dan  Gadeken, ex, 2,485.00; Klabenes Const, ex, 5,197.50; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 1,034.42; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 840.43; Nebr Machinery, ex, 1,102.59; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 3,707.92 (Tilden Area) Bomgaars, ex, 61.99; Black Hills Energy, ut, 54.49; City of Tilden, ex, 81.60; Constellation Energy, ut, 140.84; Frontier Commuications, ut, 60.59; Mr S’s, ex, 157.21; Nebr Public Power, ut, 92.89; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 384.6; Sapp Bros, ex, 3,301.00  (Oakdale Area) Bomgaars, ex, 9.58; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 148.75; Great Plains Communications, ut, 70.57; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 29.50; Matteo Sand & Gravel, ex, 1.648.19; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 168.22; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 2,232.03; Mr S’s, ex, 73.76; Oakdale Village, ut, 13.50 (Elgin Area) Bomgaars, ex, 31.97; Clearwater Feed, ex, 366.48; Corner Service, ex, 142.25;  Great Plains Communications, ut, 50.08; Green Line Equip, ex, 138.17; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 169.46; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 4,271.84; Murphy Tractor, ex, 232.24; Sapp Bros, ex, 2,848.81; Source Gas, ut, 69.45; The Station, ex, 191.00; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 48.79 (At Large) Appeara, ex, 153.24; ATCO Intl, ex, 97.50; B’s Enterprises, ex, 11,610.80; Bomgaars, ex, 68.01; Creston Fert, ex, 851.40; Cubby’s, ex, 282.48; Custer Hwy Dept, ex, 530.74; Dusty’s, ex, 136.10;  Island Supply, ex, 170.50;  Jebro, ex, 266,885.20; JEO Consulting, ex, 14,829.75; Jonny Dodge, ex, 2,140.21; Knife River, ex, 1,796.83; Kumm Gas, ex, 1,418.92; Matteo Sand & Gravel, ex, 225.88; Mr S’s, ex, 1,062.94; Neligh Auto & Machine, ex, 86.83; Newman Traffic, ex, 2,873.16; NIRMA, ex, 82,502.00;  OK Auto, ex, 239.21; OK Tire, ex, 86.50; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 735.09; Quality Iron & Metal, ex, 17.36; Royal One Stop, ex, 117.00;  Shell Fleet, ex, 1,022.34; The Station, ex, 1,051.72; Tinsley Grain, ex, 379.68; Van Diest Supply, ex, 1,988.75; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 448.33; Willow Creek Sand & Gravel, ex, 89,045.56.
INHERITANCE FUND: Valorie R Olson, ex, 6,637.50
BUILDING FUND: Prochaska & Assoc, ex, 7,738.40
GENERAL FUND PAYROLL: Total Wages, 72,766.09; WH, 7,265.21; SS, 14,406.24; ST, 2,377.55; Ameritas, ret, 10,842.01; Ameritas, ins, 533.40; AFLAC, ins, 98.54; BC/BS, ins, 51,186.33; Colonial, ins, 90.92; 1st Concord Benefits, ins, 258.33; Garnishment, 50.00; Madison National, ins, 158.48; Antelope Co Mid, American Benefits, ins, 3,000.00; Mid, American Benefits, ins, 322.50; Washington National, ins, 524.70
ROAD & BRIDGE PAYROLL: Total Wages, 46,447.45; WH, 5,060.10; SS, 9,463.20; ST, 1,788.78; Ameritas, ret, 6,790.05; Ameritas, ins, 190.64; AFLAC, ins, 337.49; BC/BS, ins, 26,665.09; Colonial Benefits, ins, 64.80; 1st Concord, ins, 166.67; Garnishment, 965.54; Madison National, ins, 90.75; Mid, American Benefits, ins, 135.00; Washington National, ins, 24.90
Approved Antelope County’s share of the Region 11 Emergency Manager budget in the amount of $17,088.00 for fiscal year 2014/215.
Set the public hearing date to consider vacating or abandoning 517th Avenue between Sections 31 and Section 32, Royal Township for 10:00 AM July 1, 2014.
Set the public hearing date to consider vacating or abandoning a portion of 842nd Road between 521st Avenue and Highway 14 for 10:00 AM July 1, 2014.
Signed the resolution to erect a stop sign to control north bound traffic at the intersection of 859th Road and 511th Avenue, Garfield Township.
Signed the resolution to erect a stop sign to control north bound traffic at the intersection of 859th Road and 512th Avenue, Garfield Township.
Approved the Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Maintenance Program which is a federally mandated requirement.
Moved the review of the Antelope County Employee handbook with the county officials to the June 24, 2014 meeting.
Decided to contact Nebraska Machinery and stop receiving bulk oil at the Tilden shop.
Reviewed correspondence.
Discussed selling the two parcels of land the county owns in Frenchtown Township by silent auction; the county attorney advised the county board that they cannot sell county property in this manner.  No action taken.
Heard from the Antelope County Library Association.
Signed the Antelope County Library Funding Agreements.
Asked for the resignation of Antelope County District 6 Supervisor Harlan Brandt and Antelope Treasurer Sandy Knapp; the county attorney is to send a certified letter to both individuals requesting them to resign due to misconduct of their offices.
Reviewed various office reports for the month of May.
Opened the health insurance quotes; tabled until the June 24, 2014 meeting.
Heard form a representative with LegalShield regarding legal benefits their organization offers.
Terry Sjuts met with the board to discuss the gate that was placed across 522nd Avenue, between Neligh and Ord Townships.
Meeting adjourned.                Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: CAROLYN PEDERSEN /s/ Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: June 18, 2014