Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

Neligh, Nebraska
September 6, 2016
Chairman opened meeting.  Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s Office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Schindler, Koinzan, Henery, Bolling, Williby, Kerkman and Schwager.
Reviewed correspondence.
Heard Zoning Administrator report.
Public Hearing on 3 Acre to 1 Acre.  Approved resolution for one (1) acre subdivision.
Reviewed Elgin Public School District letter and Nameplate Capacity Tax.
Reviewed Upstream Road Agreement.  Decommissioning memorandum was discussed.  Is in review.
Approved payroll claims.
Discussed court room ceiling quotes, no formal action.
Approved underground road permit.
Approved August 30, 2016 Board Minutes.
Heard Road Boss Report.  Discussed equipment needs.
Interviewed and approved hiring road employee for District 4.
Opened Tilden West Bridge Bids.
Reviewed budget.
Meeting Adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: September 14, 2016