Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

Neligh, Nebraska
June 28, 2016
Chairman opened meeting.  Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s Office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Schindler, Koinzan, Henery, Bolling, Williby, Kerkman and Schwager.
Claims were reviewed.  Approved to pay claims as presented, except denial of claim from City of Neligh for groun concrete.
General:  Applied Connective Tech, ex, 3890.05; Tim Baker, ex, 1.08; Benco Prod, ex, 87.05; Big Red Motorsport, ex, 169.00; Bob Barker Co, ex, 796.90; Bomgaars, ex, 77.89; Boyd’s Network Solutions, ex, 487.50; Deb Branstiter, mlg, 335.56; Carney Law, ex, 3216.66; Cash-Wa Dist, ex, 5406.16; Chief Motel, ex, 130.00; Neligh City, ut, 4623.99; Judith Cole, mlg, 420.28; Cornhusker Hotel, ex, 178.00; Creative Prod, ex, 627.30; Creston Fert, ex, 1713.12; Cubby’s, ex, 766.81; Das State Account, ex, 448.00; Dollar General, ex, 39.50; Dugan Business, ex, 591.75; Dusty’s, ex,146.50; Eakes Office, ex, 3362.36; Election Source, ex, 652.66; Elgin Body, ex, 447.92; Elgin One Stop, ex, 95.00; Elgin Review, ex, 84.00; Elite Office Prod, ex, 14.08; GIS Workshop, ex, 12,500.00; Lyle Hart, ex, 200.00; Heartland Fire, ex, 148.50; Jack’s Uniforms, ex, 2738.00; Jonny Dodge, ex, 943.00; K & M Reporting, ex, 968.15; Regina Krebs, ex, 1000.00; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 789.69; Martin Flag co, ex, 114.27; Mid-American Benefits, ins, 7209.00; David Miller, ex, 10.80; Motoplex, ex, 2400.00; Moyers Store, ex, 1020.00; NE Co Attorneys Assn, ex, 757.00; NE Weed Control Assn, ex, 24.00; Neligh Auto, ex, 230.78; Neligh News, ex, 120.00; Neligh Postmaster, ex, 94.00; Netcom, ex, 625.00; Nielsen Ins, ex, 70.00; NE Research, ex, 845.44; Bruce Ofe, ex, 82.72; Office Depot, ex, 920.76; Office Systems Co, ex, 977.33; One Office Solution, ex, 83.07; Petty Cash-sheriff, ex, 16.90; Pitney Bowes, ex, 3000.00; Precision Repair, ex, 581.00; Quill Corp, ex, 408.32; Sanne Repair, ex, 1588.00; Service Master, ex, 125.00; Source Gas, ut, 334.90; Taser Intl, ex, 6698.28; Chuck Thiemann, ex, 30.00; Thriftway Market-Neligh, ex, 560.77; Tilden Citizen ex, 96.00; UNL Its Communications 91.04; Van Diest Supply, ex, 1821.20; West Payment Center ex,, 140.00; Willie’s Service, ex, 43.07; Woods & Aitken, ex, 741.00.
At Large: Antelope Memorial Hospital, ex, 132.00; B’s Enterprises, ex, 11,980.20; Bomgaars, ex, 232.34; Neligh City, ut, 824.20; Creston Fertilizer, ex, 696.05; Heartland Hydraulics, ex, 424.51; Jebro, ex, 60,880.07; JEO Consulting, ex, 30,559.00; Madison Co Court, ex, 123.00; Matteo Sand, ex, 167.40; Mid-American Ben, ins, 6121.00; Neligh Clinic, ex, 140.00; NMC Exchange, ex, 2000.74; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 3495.17; Road Builders Mach, ex, 425.06; Smith Const, ex, 1012.50; Source Gas, ut, 129.00; Spud Trucking, ex, 36,960.00; Switzer Welding, ex, 80.00; Theisen Const, ex, 540.00; Gary Thiele, ex, 7550.00; Tinsley Grain, ex, 6638.10; Clearwater Village, ut, 54.00.
Brunswick Area: Blackburn Mfg, ex, 61.40; Frontier Comm, ut, 73.54; Brunswick Village, ut, 54.00.
Orchard Area: Dusty’s, ex, 143.13; Frontier Comm, ut, 73.31; Lazy T Tire, ex, 11.68; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 1694.54; Source Gas, ut, 48.91.
Clearwater Area: Bomgaars, ex, 7.79; Heartland Hydraulics, ex, 424.51; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 1692.02; Switzer Welding, ex, 80.00.
Neligh Area: Bomgaars, ex, 22.93; Frontier Comm, ut, 121.04; NMC Exchange, ex, 1477.61; Road Builders Mach, ex, 425.06.
Tilden Area: Constellation Gas, ut, 119.11; Frontier Comm, ut, 71.76; Matteo Sand, ex, 171.12; NMC Exchange, ex, 282.34; Source Gas, ut, 41.17.
Oakdale Area: Matteo Sand, ex, 2654.16; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 196.37; Mid-West Repair, ex, 89.20; Source Gas, ut, 38.92.
Elgin Area: NMC Exchange, ex, 240.79; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 1989.89.
Reappraisal: GIS Workshop, ex, 13000.00; Holiday Inn, ex, 185.90.
Inheritance: Joan Allemang, ex, 3319.26.
Law Enforcement: Cash-Wa Dist, ex, 126.29; Pinnacle Bank, ex, 566.09; Wanek’s, ex, 547.91; 319 Graphics, ex, 354.99.
Building Fund: Beckman Lbr, ex, 3500.000; Boyd’s Electrical, ex, 424.91; Carhart Lbr, ex, 102.97; Central Valley, ex, 62.50; Eakes Office, ex, 3410.59; Kinnan Const, ex, 130.00; O’Neill Pest Control, ex, 85.00; Urbanec’s Furniture, ex, 1714.93.
Held public hearing for Pillen Family Farms-effluent applications was approved.
Heard Zoning Administrator report.
Approved subdivision split in W½NW¼ 4-27-8.
Reviewed correspondence.
Formally denied all semi-tractor bids from June 14th meeting.
Approved 9 underground permits.
Approved clerk to transfer budget figures to balance fund functions.
Heard Road Boss Report.
Meeting Adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: July 6, 2016