Preliminary Water Test Results Good For Test Well

The search for a new water well to serve Elgin residents moved forward Monday night.
At the monthly Elgin City Council meeting, City Engineer John Zwingman said preliminary tests show water from the test well with nitrate and arsenic levels falling within acceptable levels as determined by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. Like many city wells across Nebraska, he said the water hardness scale level is between 175 and 180. “We always like to see less than 200,” he said.
At this time, he estimated that the well will pump between 200 to 400 gallons per minute.
“These were the critical water tests,” Zwingman said about initial tests. The next step is to send water samples to Bilfinger Water Technologies in New Brighton, Minn. for a full scan. The cost will be between $6,000 to $7,000. The scan is required to develop a municipal well.
“My personal opinion, I’d have a hard time turning it down and punching more holes,” Zwingman said.