Power Board Approves Prairie Breeze Wind Energy

On Friday morning, the Nebraska Power Review Board (NPRB) heard testimony, asked questions and ultimately voted to approve the renewable wind generation project to be built south of Elgin.
Prairie Breeze Wind Energy LLC (PBWE) – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Invenergy LLC – will be building a wind-powered electric generation facility in Antelope, Boone and Madison counties.
The hearing convened at 9:30 a.m. with NPRB Executive Director and General Counsel Timothy J. Trexell serving as the hearing officer for the proceedings. Board members in attendance at the meeting were Patrick Bourne, Stephen Lichter and Frank Reida. Board chair Michael Siedschlang, citing a potential conflict of interest, was excused from the hearing. Trexell noted prior to opening statements that “the board did not receive any objections or protests on this matter.” Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) did file a motion to intervene. The motion to intervene was filed due to some clarifications that need to be made in regards to the interconnection line at NPPD’s 230 kilovolt Meadow Grove switchyard. The switchyard is in the planning stages and yet to be built. Bonnie Hostetler represented NPPD at the hearing.
Counsel for PBWE/Invenergy Mike Degan submitted a total of 15 exhibits for the Review board. The exhibits consisted mainly of certified copies of the required applications, filings, hearings and reports necessary before the board could/would even consider the application. All exhibits were accepted (with the exception of one duplication) into evidence by the Board.

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