Pope John Graduation Held On Mother’s Day

One by one, 17 diplomas signifying graduation from Pope John XXIII Central Catholic High School were conferred upon seniors Sunday afternoon.
With St. Boniface Gymnasium nearly full of family and friends, Pope John’s 49th graduating class finished one chapter of their lives and took the first steps into a new chapter full of possibilities.
“There is a universal truth that we all have to face whether we like it or not. Everything eventually ends. But with endings, comes new beginnings. Sometimes life feels like endless chapters of goodbyes. Today is the day when we look back on our past years together,” Class Speaker Jenna Parks said. She went on, over the course of a few minutes to reflect on the memories they created and to look forward to what lies before them.
Parks said when they entered junior high “in the brick building,” the 17 seniors became family, both excited and a little scared about what was to come. What made them family? She said it was the shared experiences. “Together we have laughed and cried, succeeded and failed. But most importantly, together we have grown closer to God. I know for a fact that we are all walking away today thankful that we were able to learn about God and grow in our Catholic faith,” Parks said.

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