Pope John Graduates Receive Diplomas Sunday

Members of the 46th graduating class of Pope John Central Catholic High School were awarded diplomas during a program Sunday afternoon.
On a picture-perfect day, 21 seniors saw their goals of graduating from high school come to fruition.
During the hour-long program which included music performed by the senior choir members, the speakers on this day both reflected on past years and encouraged their classmates to excel in future endeavors.
Speaking first, Jenny Beckman said not only has the class excelled as Wolfpack athletes, winning state championships in football and competed with the best teams in other sports, there are other aspects of the high school years to cherish as well.
“We have stayed true to our Crusader roots, as we have ‘stood up and cheered’ our fellow Crusaders on to victory in both the classroom and other extra-curricular activities, which has ultimately led us to our ‘state title’ — graduation day. Throughout our years at Pope John, we have been challenged both academically and spiritually … We cared about each others’ success so much that we were willing to help each other when one of us did not understand … This is an attribute of a Crusader, to fight for those who struggle.”
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