Pool Contributions From Public Surpass $800,000

To date, more than $800,000 has been raised in donations made towards the new pool being constructed in Elgin.
Vicki Miller, a member of the pool committee, said a donation of nearly $20,000 made “in loving memory of Lorraine Huffman by her Daughters” was recently received. That donation put cash contributions towards the pool at $802,429.92. When added to the $500,000 in municipal bonds approved by voters, money raised for the pool has now surpassed $1.3 million.
Other donations received in recent months have come from “anonymous”, The Elgin Review, Marlene & Gary Scholl, Leonard Beckman, Verona Henn, Michael & Janet Davis, Steve & Jeanne Stokes, Jeaneen Welniak (Benda), Seda Land Handing LLC, Chris Sullivan, The Bargain Box, Marlene Hughes, Mike & Janet Schmitt, Dale & Theresa Mackel, Mary & John Harrison, Tom & Orfilia Eischeid and Mel Heithoff.