Polk Awarded “Marvelous MAC Member” At Morningside

Kaitlyn Polk
Katie Polk is honored at Morningside.

The Morningside Activities Council (MAC) is a student-run organization which is primarily responsible for organizing and hosting quality creative events for students that are meaningful and engaging. Each month MAC awards one of its members with the Marvelous MAC Member Award. This award goes to a member who lives out the mission statement of MAC and embodies what it means to be a servant leader. Kaitlyn Polk was awarded the Marvelous MAC Member Award for her help during Homecoming week and other events. – Jordan Heim President of MAC

I am so glad I became apart of the Morningside Activities Council!! I initially did not plan on becoming a part of MAC when I first heard about the council, but then one day that all changed. A week or two into the school year, after I got done eating lunch in the cafeteria, it started to rain outside. MAC had a tent set up where they were giving out popsicles and ice cream bars and all kinds of yummy frozen goodies. Well, I decided to take cover under their tent while it started to change from a light rain to a down pour. As I took cover, I introduced myself and got to talking to a couple of the members there, and decided that I’d sign up and give MAC a try. They of course reassured me that I would not regret my decision; and oh boy, where they right!  I had no clue that me helping with MAC events, and taking part in the activities would be so enjoyable and productive. I love helping plan events, working with other members, communicating with act(s) coming to campus, meeting new students, and overall just bringing positive energy to Morningside College. I am so thankful for our MAC President, Jordan, and the rest of the Morningside Activities Council for awarding me with the Marvelous MAC member award! I truly appreciate it, and can’t wait to continue this awesome experience with MAC the next three years that I’m here at Morningside College!” -Kaitlyn Polk  Information & photo submitted