Pole testing to begin July 1 in Elgin, area communities

The Elkhorn Rural Public Power District has contracted with a new company to do pole testing in the Clearwater, Elgin and Ewing areas.
This year Sundance Power Pole Inspections (Sundance PPI), out of Colorado, will be doing our pole inspections. They will be in the towns and in the area around the towns starting Monday, July 1.
For more information and to see a picture of their logo, go to www.erppd.com or visit our Facebook page.
Pole testing will be conducted in the towns of Elgin, Ewing and Clearwater. They will also be conducted out of Substation 9 – west circuit, which is northwest and west of Clearwater. Also, out of Substation 25 – east and west circuits, which is east and southwest of Ewing.
Pole inspections consist of visually examining the pole, doing a sound test by hitting it with a hammer and digging out the pole to see if there is decay underground.
Poles that show signs of advanced decay are marked for removal, before mother nature causes an outage.
Systematic pole testing is part of the ERPPD mainte-nance plan and helps the utility maintain a 99.98% reliability rating.