Parks, Selting Earn All-NVC First Team Honors

eppj-wolfpack-logoThe Niobrara Valley Conference volleyball coaches announced their selections for all-conference teams this week.
Named to the first team from EPPJ were senior Jenna Parks and junior Liz Selting.
Earning second team honors were juniors Jordan Mescher and Baylee Wemhoff.
Receiving honorable mention were seniors Terri Seier and Nicole Beckman.
The selections were announced Tuesday.
NVC All-Conference Volleyball Teams
1ST TEAM (name, grade, school)

Sydney Hupp-12 St. Mary’s
Riley Sibbel-12 St. Mary’s
Taylor Colman-11 St. Mary’s
Jaden Schafer-12 Stuart
Monique Schafer-12 Stuart
Hailey Paxton-12 Stuart
Harlee Fischer-11 Stuart
Liz Selting-11 EPPJ
Jenna Parks-12 EPPJ
Jacie Laetsch-11 CWC
Tami Jo Marcellus-12 CWC
Mallory Cooper-12 Clearwater-Orchard


Emily Pongratz-12 St. Mary’s
Tracy Chvala-12 St. Mary’s
Dawn Klabenes-12 CWC
Brittany Eisenhauer-12 Niobrara-Verdigre
Baylee Wemhoff-11 EPPJ
Jordan Mescher-11 EPPJ
Samantha Funk-12 Ewing
Jaycee Fleming-11 North Central
Alison Stracke-11 Stuart
Katie Funk-12 Clearwater-Orchard
Alyssa Rood-11 Elkhorn Valley
Ranee Keehn-12 Elkhorn Valley

Honorable Mention
Molly Lambert-12 CWC
Amber Miller-9 Elkhorn Valley
Logan Connot-12 St. Mary’s
Logan Jensen-12 Elkhorn Valley
Hattie Bloomenstock-11 St. Mary’s
Tori Wendell-11 Boyd Co.
Kelsey Green-12 Neligh-Oakdale
Hollie Engelhaupt-12 Boyd Co.
Peyton Alder-10 Stuart
Rebecca Hiatt-11 Boyd Co.
Kinsley Klabenes-11 Neligh-Oakdale
Allison Sedivy-12 Boyd Co.
Danae Smith-12 Neligh-Oakdale
Kinzly Macke-11 Clearwater-Orchard
Bailey Krause-10 West Holt
JoCee Johnston-9 Clearwater-Orchard
Jessie Mohnsen-12 West Holt
Kylie Thiele-11 Clearwater-Orchard
Sierra Hansen-12 West Holt
Sidney Tuttle-12 Ewing
Rhylee Josnson-9 Santee
Brianna Fry-11 Ewing
TeShay Cournoyer-12 Santee
Jodi Fry-11 Ewing
Jentrie Mauer-12 North Central
Terri Sier-12 EPPJ
Ashley Guenther-11 Niorbrara-Verdigre
Nicole Beckman-12 EPPJ