PACs Biggest Donors to Sullivan Campaign

Candidates for 11 Greater Nebraska legislative districts spent more than $800,000 on their 2012 campaigns, according to reports filed with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. Tens of thousands of dollars came from banking, business, education and medical groups, among others, the campaign finance statements show.
A campaign can report spending more money than it took in if it began the campaign cycle with a pre-existing account balance. Candidates are not required to identify individual donors who contribute less than $250. Here is a brief summary of the campaign finance report highlights for legislative district #41:
District 41 — Sen. Kate Sullivan of Cedar Rapids received about $39,000 for the 2012 election. With extra cash already on hand, Sullivan spent about $56,000. Sullivan’s two biggest contributors were Nebraska Bankers State PAC and Nebraska State Education Association PAC, each giving $2,500 to her campaign.
Sullivan beat candidate Brook Curtiss of Plainview, winning about 82 percent of the vote, the biggest margin in any of the contested races. Curtiss received about $9,900 during the campaign and spent about $9,600. Plainview News Inc., which Curtiss owns, contributed the most money to Curtiss’ campaign, giving about $2,500.