Orders Continue For Elgin Q125 History Book

As the Q125 year approaches, members of the Q125 book committee are putting on the finishing touches of the soon-to-be-published history book. This book is designed to be a companion book to Elgin’s earlier Centennial History Book, focusing more on the last 25 years.
Members met last week to go over some design ideas and answer some questions. With the proofing stage of the stories coming to an end, plans are to send the information gathered to the book company. The company will send the committee a proof to look through one final time before they will be given the okay to print.
While additional information can no longer be accepted, book orders continue to come in as interest in receiving the book is great.
The committee wants to remind everyone that the cost is $65 per book since the Dec. 1 deadline has since passed.
If you have questions concerning the book or ordering the book, please email the committee at elginsq125@gmail.com