Opportunities to Boost 4-H/FFA Exhibits

Recent changes have been made by the Antelope County Fair Board and the 4-H Committee to boost 4-H and FFA exhibits at the County Fair, reports Extension Educator, Dewey Teel. These changes will begin with the 2011 Fair coming August 2 – 7. At their last meeting, the Fair Board voted to double the premium money on all 4-H and FFA exhibits. Premiums have not changed for many years so this is a welcome move that will benefit every exhibitor throughout the entire fair.

Another change is that school projects can now be entered as 4-H or FFA exhibits at the fair. Such exhibits must be entered through an existing 4-H or FFA project when making out fair entries later this summer, said Teel. School exhibits are not allowed at the state fair so these will be “county only” entries but hopefully it will bring more exhibits to our green building.

Market beef, sheep, swine, and goat exhibitors will have the opportunity to enter animals in the first annual 4-H/FFA Market Animal Premium Auction. At their last meeting, the 4-H Committee voted to begin this auction to encourage more 4-H and FFA members to bring animals to the fair. A committee from the 4-H Committee and Fair Board is being appointed to organize and set up guidelines for the auction. When they are finalized more information will be coming, said Teel. The deadline for identifying market beef for showing at the county fair has been extended to April 15th. 4-H Enrollment forms are available at the extension office or downloaded at: http://antelope.unl.edu/antelope4h.

If anyone has questions about any of these new changes they can call the Extension Office, Elgin FFA, or a 4-H Committee member.  We are in a continually changing environment where fewer youth are challenged to maintain many programs and activities and 4-H is just one of them. Hopefully, these changes will encourage a few more of them to come our way, said Teel.


The annual Science Fair will be held Monday night, March 28, at the Elgin High School gymnasium.

Under the direction of instructor Sara Walsh, the eveng will run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. and involve EPS science students in grades 7-12.

“We really have a lot of creative ideas this year,” Mrs. Walsh said Monday.

“They (the students) have also really been focusing on using technology in their testing when possible.

“They’ve also been incorporating more visuals into their presentations including the use of the video footage (compiled on Movie Maker) from their testing — especially if their testing cannot be redone that night.  As always, they are encouraged to have audience participation.”

She noted that she has worked with other teachers this year to assist with the fair.

“I worked more with some other teachers, Tina Thiele-Blecher helped the junior high language arts kids with their research. She actually taught them research methods (using print media instead of Internet!) and how to compile their papers. Amy Selting worked with the freshmen and taught them how to use Movie Maker. And Heidi Rethmeier assisted with the use of her probes and CBL units.

Some topics include: texting while driving, who takes more steps during the day — PJ or EP kids (and health benefits of), tests for taste sensitivity, smoking and lung health, blood spatter trajectories.

There are many more — but these are some creative ones that jump out at me right now, Mrs. Walsh noted.

Make plans now to attend!