Olivia Borer Earns Honors At ‘Project FunDay’

Local designers and UNL fashion students were invited to participate in the clothing design competition called “Project Funway” to raise money for Fresh Start. Designers transformed clothing purchased at thrift shops into new, original creations. These garments were featured on the runway show, Friday, November 15, at Courtside Banquet Hall in Lincoln.
Fresh Start is a transitional shelter that empowers homeless women to change their lives by recognizing and utilizing their strengths to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. The transformation of the clothing represents the change that the women who live at Fresh Start are striving to make in their lives. They are working to transform their situations and become self-sufficient again.
Seventeen garments were featured in the competition. Olivia Borer’s project tranformed a pair of jeans into a pencil skirt alternating black cotton and denim, and accented with gold studs.
The competition featured a three-judge panel, as well as the audience who was invited to vote for their favorites.
Olivia’s design received two awards — 2nd place by Audience choice; and Honorable mention by the three judges.