Numerous families to receive Pioneer Farm Awards at county fairs

The AKSARBEN Foundation, along with Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers, announced honorees for the 2018 Nebraska Pioneer Farm Awards.
These awards recognize Nebraska farm families who have consecutively held ownership of land in the same family for at least 100 years (Pioneer).
Altogether, five families from Antelope County and one from Wheeler County will be recognized with Pioneer Farm Awards.
Since its inception in 1956, nearly 10,000 farm families statewide have received the Nebraska Pioneer Farm Award.
“We look forward to recognizing and awarding these Nebraska farm families each year. The dedication and perseverance demonstrated by these families is a testament to the strong Nebraska values that set our state apart and have been making AKSARBEN proud, for over 120 years,” said Sandra Reding, AKSARBEN Foundation President.
These prestigious awards are presented during the annual county fair in which the land is located.
This year’s honorees are:
• Antelope County — Gordon C. Baker
• Antelope County — Sharon A. Klein, Linda L. Varn, Larry A. Braband and Kathy M. Fullerton
• Antelope County — Clee and Monique Wolske and Randy Kossmann
• Antelope County — Clifford and Carol Strahm
• Antelope County — Heithoff Inc.
• Wheeler County — Terry and Phyllis Harpster