NPPD Suspends Pipeline Activity

Based on TransCanada’s recent decision to voluntarily re-route its proposed Keystone XL pipeline out of the Sand Hills, Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is delaying activities on associated transmission infrastructure planned to serve the pipeline until further notice.

This includes putting on hold activities such as procuring materials and supplies, acquiring easements from landowners and clearing right-of-way. The exception is for work already begun to grade land for development of future substation sites. In these substation locations, NPPD is completing restoration work that will place the properties in acceptable conditions for the long-term, or until new planning and engineering studies are completed.

When a new pipeline route is determined, NPPD will need to conduct its own planning and engineering assessments to determine any new electrical service obligations that may be required to support the Keystone XL pipeline in a new location.

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