NPPD Cautions Farmers to be Aware of Power Lines During Harvest

Harvest is a busy and often hectic time for farmers and agricultural workers because crops ripen on their own time schedule. More workers, more equipment, and a compressed time schedule for harvest increases the potential for accidents and incidents – particularly incidents involving overhead power lines.

Nebraska Public Power District is urging farmers to “Look Up and Look Out” for overhead power lines as they begin preparations for this year’s harvest season.

“We had two incidents this summer where farm equipment has come into contact with overhead power lines,” explained Tom Kent, NPPD’s transmission and distribution manager. “We were fortunate that no one was seriously injured. NPPD encourages all farmers to take a few minutes to work with their family and employees so they know the location of overhead power lines, and map out ways to avoid them when moving equipment.

“In and around farms and fields, there are a number of overhead power lines. When moving tall equipment around the farm, be aware of overhead power line dangers.”

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