Notice of Organization — Cordell’s ATV Repair LLC

Notice is hereby given that on the 20th day of August, 2014, a Certificate of Organization of CORDELL’S ATV REPAIR, LLC was filed with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office. Information in regard to that filing is as follows:
1. The name of the organization is CORDELL’S ATV REPAIR, LLC.
2. The address of the registered office is 52106 840 Rd., Elgin, NE 68636.
3. The general nature of the business is to engage in and do any lawful act concerning any and all lawful business, other than banking or insurance, for which a limited liability company may be organized under the laws of Nebraska.
4. The organization commenced on August 20, 2014, and shall have perpetual duration.
5. The affairs of the organization are to be governed by the chief operating officer of the organization.
Joseph F. McNally #23559
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 164
Neligh, NE  68756
(402) 887-5022
PUBLISH: September 3, 10 & 17, 2014