Notice — Assessment Of Real Property In Antelope County

This is to certify that the assessment roll of all real property for the taxable year of 2016 for Antelope County, Nebraska, have been processed and completed, with the exception of omitted or undervalued property, and clerical errors.
Notices of Valuation Change were mailed before June 1, 2016 to all Antelope County property owners.  If you feel that your property is assessed incorrectly, please come in and review your real estate records at the Antelope County Assessor’s office.  You may file a protest with the Antelope County Clerk’s office, on or before June 30th.  All protests must contain name and address of owner, legal description, parcel number, value before and after change and a statement of reason why reduction or increase in value should be made.
2016 Ratios:
Kelly Mueller
Antelope County Assessor
PUBLISH: June 1, 2016