Niewohner team is “one big loser”

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An Elgin team was the "biggest loser" in this year's Antelope Memorial Hospital weight-loss competition. Members of the Candy Crushers, l-r: Nathan Niewohner, Ashley Thies, Jessica Niewohner and Craig Niewohner. Photo submitted

AMH “Biggest and Best Losers” Announced

 “The Biggest Loser Contest helped me with accountability,” said Diann Arehart of Neligh. “Weekly weigh-ins kept me on track and chasing the ‘weekly winner’ was incentive for me.  I have to thank the other contestants for their participation and ‘pushing me’ to continue.  Since my weight loss ? my energy level and confidence have increased tremendously. I plan to continue this weight loss journey and will definitely enter the contest again next year.”

AMH’s Biggest and Best Losers contest was held for 10 weeks from January 15th through March 23rd. It was coordinated by Bethany Schacht, AMH Wellness Director. A total of 702 pounds was collectively lost by the 78 contestants, to include 48 individuals (15 men / 33 women) and 8 teams of four). Three divisions were held for men, women and teams. Diann Arehart (Neligh) was the first-place winner in the Women’s Division, losing 12.5% of her total body weight. (She plans to donate her prize money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.) Other women’s winners included ? second-place: Kayla Wright (Neligh) and third place: Ashley Thies (Elgin).  

Tim Kester, Jr. (Clearwater) was the first-place winner in the Men’s Division, losing 14.1% of his total body weight. Other winners in the Men’s Division included ? second-place: Mike Wright (Neligh) and third-place: Nathan Niewohner (Elgin).

In the Team Division, the first-place winners, the “Candy Crushers”, collectively lost 8.4% of their total body weight. Its members included Ashley Thies and Nathan, Craig and Jessica Niewohner (all of Elgin).

The second-place team members, “Three Cows & a Heifer”, were Janette Kerkman, Melissa Herley and Jody and April Mueller (all of Clearwater).  The third-place team members, “Lean Queens”, were Leann Frey (Tilden) and Julie Tschirren, Erin Whitesel and Jenny Higgins  (all of Neligh),

“This year’s participants were very motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes rather than just finding quick ways to lose weight,” said Bethany Schacht, AMH Wellness Director. “It was exciting to see everyone’s progress throughout the contest and to hear about their achievements. We had contestants of all ages find success ? which shows there’s never a ‘wrong’ time to start improving your health and wellness.”

Donations were made by Antelope Memorial Hospital, AMH Wellness, Overland Rehab, Subway, Cubby’s, Hilltop Drug Etc., Eye Physicians, Thriftway Market, Melissa Smith – State Farm Insurance, 319 Graphics, Wanek Pharmacy, Antelope Lanes, HiWay Mart, Live Well Massage Therapy and Schacht Seed Co.

For more information about weight loss, please call Bethany at 402.887.6204 or Carol Anderson, AMH APRN, at 402.887.6270.


Elgin Nebraska Antelope County Nebraska
Winners in the AMH 2018 Biggest Loser competition. Photo submitted

Pictured above (l-r): First-place winners of the AMH Biggest and Best Loser Contest were: Diann Arehart of Neligh (Women), Tim Kester  of Clearwater (Men) and the Candy Crushers – Ashley Thies and Nathan, Craig and Jessica Niewohner of Elgin (Team). A total of 78 individuals participated in the contest, collectively losing 702 lbs.