News From The Elgin Public Library

A new book is The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly.
Our children’s books from the Libri Foundation Grant have arrived. The Libri Foundation is a nationwide non-profit organization that donates new, quality children’s books to small, rural public libraries in the U.S.  We received 64 books with a total retail value of $1,053.37.  We can apply for this grant every three years.  It is a two to one match.  Our Library Foundation sent a check for $350 when our grant application was accepted, and Elaine Meyers picked the books we wanted from their list. As soon as we get the books ready for check out, I will list some of the titles in the paper. This is the third time we have received books from this Foundation.  What a blessing!
Our Elgin Library Foundation raises money each year so that we can apply for grants that require a match.  This week I sent our application to the Kruetz-Bennett Foundation.  It requires matching funds if we receive it.  We won’t find out until March, but through our silent auction, our Adult Reading Challenge, and memorial money, we will have the matching funds available.  In that grant we asked for funds for the Overdrive program and funds to digitize and update our microfilm of The Elgin Review.  Our microfilm reader is getting old and the printing is very poor quality.  We definitely need to update.  If we don’t receive the grant for matching funds, we’ll have to do some more fund raising!
Our adult reading challenge continues!   As soon as you pay your $20 you can enter your name.  Then each time you read a library book (from our library) you can sign your name again.  The drawing for an iPad will be at the end of February. So you still have plenty of time to enter and read!
We will be closed on December 24 and 25 for Christmas.  Our hours are 5-7 on Monday, 1-5 on Tuesday, 1-7 on Wednesday, and 1-5 on Thursday and Friday.  If the weather gets bad, call before you come to make sure we are open.  We do not always close when the school does.
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