New rules for Elgin garbage pickup on Tuesdays

Garbage collection will be changing slightly, beginning Aug. 1 in Elgin.
Earlier this month the Elgin City Council approved a new five-year contract with Bud’s Sanitary Service (BSS), the long-time service provider. For many, the changes will not be noticeable and garbage collection will continue as it has been for years.
However, there were a few changes which might affect some customers inside the city limits. As in the past, BSS will continue to pick up trash and other items EXCEPT automobiles, trees, leaves, grass clippings, tin, wire, iron, liquid paint, lead acid batteries, waste oil, tires and hazardous chemicals.
Stipulated in the contract, BSS WILL NOT:
• Pick up trash, garbage or refuse that is not in containers of 45 gallon or less capacity and NO MORE than three cans per week, or sacked in durable bags, or of such nature that it can be easily placed in truck. BSS will not service 55 gallon barrels/drums.
• Pick up refrigerators, stoves or other large appliances, but will provide for a charge to residents, access to the Transfer Station site located one mile northeast of Newman Grove, owned by BSS.
• Pick up construction debris resulting from remodeling of buildings, homes or razing of buildings, but will provided a licensed C&D site located one mile northeast of Newman Grove owned by BSS for the disposal of such at $27/ton to be hauled by individual or their contractor by appointment.
• Pick up from businesses or residence that have been off the water meter and are going to be changing owners or renters.
• Pick up trash that is not placed immediately adjacent to a platted street, alley or avenue and such other locations as BSS may designate.
• Pick up hazardous materials.
Again, rules under the new contract go into effect Wednesday, Aug. 1.