New Location Proposed For Community Sign

Meeting last week, the Elgin Community Club again discussed at length the possibility of getting a new digital sign to replace the existing sign along Highway 14.
This time, the topic was location. Janet Koinzan told members attending the meeting at the Steel Steed Steakhouse & Saloon, she and Bruce Clark would like to see the sign relocated to a different location.
The location she suggested would be on the southwest corner of the Highway 14/70 intersection on land currently owned by the Elgin Area Development Corporation for which she serves as president. Currently the house on the property is being occupied by workers putting up the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy farm. Koinzan was optimistic that the necessary steps could be taken and a new sign could be put in place and operational by the Q125 celebration slated for June 20-22, 2014. She said the community club wouldn’t necessarily have to purchase the entire lot as it’s possible a portion of the lot could be sold to a nearby property owner. However, no such arrangements have been made yet.

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