New Book Shares Eischeid Family’s Story About Cancer

A year in the making, Karen and Chelsea Eischeid have penned a book touching on how faith pulled them through the loss of a loved one.
“I Blessed You With Cancer” is about a family who comes to terms with the loss of a father and husband. Paul Eischeid was first diagnosed with cancer in November 2000. A surgery that took out his kidney led him to be cancer-free for about seven years. Then, in July 2007, after a seizure, the family learned that cancer had returned. The battle lasted six months until his death on January 11, 2008.
“The selection of the titles comes from two incidents that are told in the story,” said Karen. “It also reflects how by giving us a cross to bear, we have come much more closer to God as well as grateful for the many blessings he gives us. We try not to take things for granted anymore. It was a huge learning experience.”

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