Moore Wins GOP Primary for County Sheriff

The voters have spoken.

On Tuesday, Antelope County voters sorted through the candidates and cast their ballots, clearing the way for the general election to be held in November.

The biggest local race, with the most candidates, was for Antelope County Sheriff. In the Republican primary, unofficial vote totals as of 6 a.m. Wednesday show Elgin Police Chief Bob Moore ahead of three other candidates (incumbent Sheriff Darrell Hamilton, Deputy Sheriff Cynthia Johnston and former deputy sheriff Jeff Treu). Four candidates were seeking to be the one to advance to the general election. Moore had 508 votes followed by Hamilton 331, Johnston 284 and Treu 130. Democrat Mark S. Duncan ran unopposed.

In the Republican primary election for Antelope County Assessor. Current Assessor Gene Schaaf led Cassey Kallhoff of Tilden. Schaaf received 829 votes, Kallhoff received 381 votes. The winner will advance to the general election and be the only one on the ballot as no Democrat sought the office.

Incumbent County Attorney Mike Long trailed GOP challenge Joe Abler. Long received 562 votes compared to Abler who received 628 votes. Democrat James Meuret ran unopposed and will advance to the general election.

Other primary results of note are:

District 1 — GOP candidates Corey D. Curtis received 39 votes, Heath Zuhlke received 27 votes. Democrat Jerald Schwager ran unopposed in the primary.

District 3 — The GOP primary had three candidates. Their unofficial vote totals were: Neil Williby 112, Bob Snodgrass 46 and Don Lallier 45.

District 5 — The GOP primary had two candidates. Unofficial vote totals were: Eddie Schindler 127, Larry Baker 152.

Election results can be found at the county’s website