Moore, Other Sheriffs Support Death Penalty

Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore. Elgin Review file photo
Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore. Elgin Review file photo

Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore was one of 15 sheriffs in northeast Nebraska to express support for the death penalty.
He, and the other 14 sheriffs, support putting the repeal of the new state law that bans the death penalty, before the voters in the 2016 November general election.
According to a press release sent out by the sheriffs, “the death penalty is a matter of public safety and an important tool that is often used in criminal prosecutions of first degree murder cases.
The issue came to a head when District #41 State Senator Kate Sullivan and others voted to override Governor Pete Ricketts veto of legislation passed to abolish the death penalty. Since then, county supervisors in Pierce and Antelope County have passed resolutions of “No Confidence” in Sullivan. In Stanton County, supervisors there passed a similar resolution aimed at State Senator Paul Schumacher.
Among the other sheriffs who voiced support for the death penalty were Mike Unger, Stanton County; Rick Eberhardt, Pierce County; Vern Hjorth, Madison County; Don Henery, Knox County; Shelly Perez, Thurston County; Chris Kleinberg, Dakota County; Don Taylor, Dixon County; Denny Johnson, Boone County; Larry Koranda, Cedar County; Paul Kruse, Colfax County; Jason Dwinell, Wayne County; Chuck Wrede, Boyd County; James Anderson, Rock County; and Ben Matchett, Holt County.
Anyone with questions  are urged to contact these sheriffs.