Miller Home Sustains Fire Damage

Elgin Fire & Rescue team members worked with the Oakdale Fire Department in putting out a house fire on Tuesday, January 5. 

The call came into Elgin shortly before noon and sent crews to the Darrell Miller farm located five miles east, one mile north and 1/4 mile west of town.  

According to Elgin Fire Chief Jim Kittelson, origin of the fire appears to be a blown pipe on a wood burning stove located on the main floor.  Damage to the home was sustained on the main and second floors and into the attic area.

With the extreme cold temperatures the area has been experiencing, extra caution should be taken with furnaces and heating devices. 

Kittelson emphasized that homeowners be sure to check chimneys for wood burning stoves, “especially if burning green wood”, he said. They can quickly become clogged with creosote and become a fire hazard. High-efficiency furnaces easily get their outside vent pipes iced over. Clearing away snow & ice help prevent many furnaces from going out.  Also, checking regulators and keeping them clear of snow and ice on gas meters will keep your gas furnace running efficiently.

Electric space heaters also need to be watched closely.  Kittelson noted that they should be plugged into outlets on their own circuit if possible.  Also, try not to use extension cords or, if they must be used, use the shortest length possible and heavy duty cords only. Never leave space heaters unattended.

The Elgin Fire Department reminds residents to clear away snow from fire hydrants.