Mill Being Renovated at Jerry’s Feed Service

Better efficiency is the goal at Jerry’s Feed Service as they are in the middle of renovation program at the mill.
For the past several weeks, weather permitting, crews have been working at the feed mill.
According to Alan Faust, the main part of the renovation project is to replace the old leg or “bucket elevator” with a new modern leg designed for feed, not seed.
The Elgin Mills, owned by Bert and Florentine Vanderheiden originally built the existing feed mill in the late 1970s and was designed for seed. It was originally used for rye and vetch.
When Jerry’s Feed Service purchased the mill in 1994, it was made use as a feed mill.
“The old leg handled approximately 90 bushel per hour originally, but was considerably slower for feed,” Faust said. Other issues workers encountered with the old leg was the deep pit which needed regular cleaning, and a holding pit which had to be swept every time feed was run through it. Construction of the new leg began in February 2013 and will be completed by the end of March.

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