Meis, Borer Share LEAD Trip Experience

For more than two weeks, they explored the cultures of nations half a world away. And now, they’re home.
Nebraska LEAD Program Team #33 members Anne Meis and Keith Borer, both of Elgin, came home over the weekend after more than two weeks of being away from their families, participating in an International Study/Travel Seminar. In that time, they walked among some of the richest people of the world and, sadly, some of the poorest.
They spent time in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), India and Nepal. Each country facing its own challenges in this, the 21st Century.
Nepal and India have the appearance of Third World countries. That’s in stark contrast to the UAE.
Upon arriving in Nepal, Borer said “It was run down from the start, beginning at the airport. Security at the airport looked at us and just waved us through. There were people all over, beggars … I was just struck with the amount of people and trash (in Kathmandu)
“The streets were full of trash. The rivers were piled up with trash, bags, bottles.”
India was another story.
“As bad as Nepal was, it was just a warm up for India,” Borer said.

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