Lunch Prices increased slightly for District #18 students

Parents sending their children to Elgin Public School this fall will see a slight increase in the cost of lunch meals served in the cafeteria.
Meeting Wednesday night, June 13, the school board became aware, from the State Department of Education, that they needed to raise the price of lunch meals for the 2018/19 school year.
Superintendent Dan Polk said the state has a formula which determines what a school should charge for lunch prices. He noted how District #18 had not raised lunch prices for several years. With that information, he said the state mandated that the school prices needed to be increased.
Consequently, the board accepted the state’s recommendation and raised all lunch prices by 10 cents.
The new prices are:
Pre-Sixth grade — $2.30 per meal (up from $2.20)
Junior-Senior High — $2.55 (up from $2.45)
Adults — $3.20 (up from $3.10)
“We are still in the middle of the pack (NVC) schools,” Polk told board members said about the new lunch prices.

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