Lunch Menus at Community Center

Meals to be served next week at the Elgin Community Center have been announced. They are:

Monday, March 30: Cook’s choice, milk.

Tuesday, March 31: Meat loaf, baked potato, green beans, peaches, bread, pear cobbler, milk.

Wednesday, April 1: Chicken, mashed potato, corn, tropical fruit, bread, apple cake, milk.

Thursday, April 2: BBQ pork, mashed potato, carrots, pineapple, sandwich bread, chocolate cake, milk.

Friday, April 3: Tuna & noodles, scalloped potato, peas, cole slaw, bread, celery peanut butter, milk.

Please call 843-2727 by 9 a.m. for a meal reservation. All ages are welcome. 

For those under 60, the cost of the meal is $5. 

We also do carry outs. 

For a great meal, come on in or take it to go. The Center starts serving at 11:45 a.m.