Leibel Land Sale Sets New Record

Land south of Elgin now holds the honor of being the highest per-acre agland sold in Antelope County. This past Saturday’s sale of land from the Marjorie Leibel estate brought out the buyers and lightened some wallets.

According to a representative from the Antelope County Assessor’s Office, this sale of agricultural land easily tops the chart on cropland sales in the county. Four tracts plus a residence in Elgin were on the block. When “sold” rang out, tract 1 brought $8,110 per acre. This irrigated property is located approximately 2 miles south of Elgin, right along Highway 14. Tract 2, located 2 miles south on Highway 14 and 1 mile east, topped out at $7,100 per acre. Tracts 3 and 4 were divided portions of tract 2. These sales will be felt by other area landowners come 2013. With the July cut-off of sales used in the upcoming valuations by the county, Saturday’s sales will have to wait until 2012 to become part of the valuations formula.