LEAD Group Members Heading Overseas

meisborer_0030-2Nebraska LEAD Program Group 33 members Keith Borer and Anne Meis have packed their bags and will be leaving from Omaha on Sunday for a 14-day trip, with stops in United Arab Emerites, India And Nepal. The Elgin duo are excited about the opportunity to learn about the people they will encounter.
Borer said on Monday that he looks forward to seeing the differences in cultures and societies on the trip…“such diversity, from people who live on pennies a day to some of the richest people in the world”.
Meis echoed Borer’s interest in the way of life they’ll be able to observe. “I’m excited to experience new cultures completely different from ours,” she said. “What they eat, their customs, their dress, what they produce.” Look for ongoing updates from the team at www.elginreview.com  E-R photo