Keith Michael Wins Antelope County Demo Derby

Friendly, spirited competition was the norm this past week at the Antelope County Fair.

County and out-of-county residents competed in a variety of events during events held at various sites at Riverside Park. 

Much of the action occurred in front of the grandstand during the week.

Paint Ball 

1st place team — Ball Busters Team (Calvin, Dale, Robbie)

2nd place team — White Trash Circus (Kenny, Skyler, Tanner)

3rd place — Team America (Beau Fry, Joe Switzer, Luke Schiloisky)

Ranch Rodeo

1st place team — Kyle Hipke, Jake Coburn, Kevin Linwurn

2nd place team — Kyle Hipke, Jake Coburn, Dustin Coburn

3rd place team — Heath Barlow, Jeremy Wagner, Levi Hollenbeck

4th place team — Ryan Kucera, Cody Smola, Trent Schaffer

5th place team — Chad Podany, Joe Kamphaus, Shane Carson

Ranch Rodeo Calcutta

1st place — Kyle Hipke

2nd place — Jake Coburn

3rd place — Bernard Kamphause

4th place — Ryan Kucera

5th place — Chad Podany

Bull Riding

1st place — Steve Lautters, Pierce Ne.

2nd place — Dustin May, Battle Creek Ne.

3rd place — Todd Flinn, Ord Ne.

4th place — Dave Sweley, Blue Hill Ne.

Bull Riding Calcutta

1st place — Ron Pyle

2nd place — Bob Cambell

3rd place — Bob Cambell

4th place — Chris Baum

Demo Derby

1st place Pickup — Doug Heath

2nd place — T J Walsh

3rd place — Nick Dahlstrom

Crowd pleaser — Pickup Jake Kifer

1st place car — Keith Michael

2nd place — Ross Becklun — Elgin

3rd place car — Kevin Held

4th place car — Stephen Bullach

5th Place car — Garrett Carpenter

6th place car — Scott Jacob

7th place car — Cody Kester

8th place car — Travis Sprout, Elgin

ATV Mud Drags

0-300 2×4 Class

1st place — Colby Promes

2nd place — Chad Hemenway

3rd place — Jason Bennett

0-300 4×4 Class

1st place — Trent Hoefer

2nd place — Adam Mortensen

3rd place — Riley Smith

401 & up 2×4 Class

1st place — Preston Smith

2nd place — Ian Dieke

3rd place — Leon Wagner

301-500 4×4 Class

1st place — Jason Bennett

2nd place — Preston Smith

3rd place — Rick Wagner

501 & above Class

1st Place — Andy Norhues

2nd place — Aaron Smith

3rd Place — Jake Kifer


Golf Game at the inflatable games

1st and 2nd place tie — Kyle Kester and Garrett Jacobsen

3rd place tie — Vicki Brown and Rich Nelson