Junck To Be Guest Speaker At Da Ladies Nite Out In April

Women from the area can count on being treated to a fantastic night of food, entertainment and inspiration at the 2015 Da Ladies Nite Out, sponsored annually be the Elgin Knights of Columbus.
The event will be held on Wednesday, April 8 at the Elgin Knights of Columbus Hall.
This year’s entertainment will feature a northeast Nebraska wife and mother of three, Jill Junck.
Junck, her husband Scott and three boys Chase, Owen and Emmett live on their family farm near Randolph. Along with the normal trials and tribulations inherent in the life of a family farm, the Junck family faced a life-altering crisis seven years ago.
In 2008, their oldest son Chase was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Then 16 months old, Chase suffered his injuries courtesy of his daycare provider. After being revived and facing severe health setbacks due to his injuries, Chase spent months in rehabilitation and defied all odds to fight his way back to a normal life.
Jill and the family had nothing but their faith to hold on to during this time when the outcome was unknown at best.
Their faith was further strengthened as Chase shared his feelings about Jesus that he experienced as he healed and fought to recover from this syndrome that often does not have a happy ending. As he grew and could communicate better, he continued to share his experiences of faith from this traumatic time in his life.
While his health improved, the family continued to face and had to overcome additional struggles in the following years.
Jill will make you laugh, smile, cry, count your blessing and grow in your own faith – all at the same time.
Tickets for the evening are now on sale so mark your calendars and “save-the-date”! Tickets can be purchased at The Elgin Review, Lordemann Insurance, Dean’s Market or from any KC member.