New Business Opens in Elgin

By Dennis Morgan

From the moment you step inside the door at Something Borrowed, Elgin’s newest business, you will immediately think of possibilities.

Jessie Reestman and Bethany Miller opened the business earlier this month and already are busy with clients looking at possibilities for weddings and celebrations decor.One of the first things to know about the business, located at Second and Pine Streets on the east end of Elgin City Hall, is that it does not operate with set hours but rather by appointment. By calling 843-0170 or 992-1532, an appointment can be made for a consultation.

“Weddings are our main objective,” Mrs. Reestman said. “However, we are open to decorating for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.”

Their primary area of business will be northeast and central Nebraska.

As the business grows, both said they are looking to expand their offerings. “If you want it, we can find it,” Miller said.