Investigation Ends In Criminal Mischief Citation

While the dirt area has been raked and repaired, the grassy outfield area still shows ruts from the tire damage. E-R photo

Footage from Elgin’s video cameras and the security cameras at Pope John Central Catholic (PJCC) school may have helped solve the mystery of who did damage at the Elgin Ball Field located just to the east of PJCC/St. Boniface Elementary school building.
It was discovered last week that the ball field had been damaged from a vehicle driving through the east field. The Antelope County Sheriff’s office announced Thursday the citing of an Elgin juvenile for Criminal Mischief in connection with the damage.
According to Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore, the department was able to view footage from both the City of Elgin’s main street and PJCC’s security cameras and officers were able to determine what vehicles were in the vicinity of the ball field around the time the damage was done. The department then contacted drivers of each vehicle and eye witnesses. While several vehicles drove through the area in question, Sheriff Moore said the sheriff’s department received a confession from one driver admitting to the damage that was done.