Invenergy Files Application for Wind Development Here

Sen. Chris Langemeier of Schuyler, Chairman of the Legislature’s Natural Resources Committee, has announced that an application for the development of wind energy for export has been filed with the Nebraska Power Review Board.  The application is the first of its kind to be considered under LB 1048, a bill to promote renewable energy development in Nebraska, which takes effect today.   Invenergy, a company that owns and operates large-scale renewable and clean energy generation facilities throughout North America and Europe, submitted the application for a 200 megawatt project to be constructed in Antelope and Boone Counties.  

The project will be comprised of 133 turbines across approximately 45,000 acres of land.  The application states that the project will result in up to $75 million in revenue to Nebraska residents through landowner royalties, property taxes, permanent operations and maintenance positions, and temporary construction jobs.  The total cost of the project is estimated to be $448 million.

Sen. Langemeier said, “An application for a large-scale wind project, being filed on the first day that LB 1048 is effective, confirms that the new law will have a positive economic impact on Nebraska.  It also sends a message that Nebraska is officially open for the business of renewable energy development.”

Mark Jacobson (Invenergy’s Director of Business Development) said, “Invenergy is pleased to be the first wind company to apply for approval of a project under this new law.  The more project opportunities–the more economic benefits will accrue to Nebraska communities that host wind projects through lease payments to landowners, tax revenue and other economic development.  These local benefits can support municipal improvements, schools, and public services.  Invenergy applauds the efforts of lawmakers who saw this bill through passage and appreciates the leadership of Senator Langemeier and Governor Heineman in promoting wind energy development in Nebraska.”

The Nebraska Legislature passed LB 1048 earlier this year, and Governor Heineman signed it into law on April 12.  This landmark renewable energy export bill dramatically improves the wind energy business environment and removes significant barriers to private investment in wind energy in Nebraska, one of the country’s most desirable wind locations.

The Power Review Board must approve the application before the project can begin.  It is anticipated that approval will take from six to 12 months.  

It is then expected to take 10 months to construct the 133 turbine project.