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Commissioning Of Wind Turbines Underway

February 14, 2014 by lmorgan · Comments Off 

Construction of the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy farm is entering a new phase.
Alissa Krinsky, corporate spokesperson for Invenergy, owner of the wind farm, told The Elgin Review Monday work is now underway to commission the wind turbines.
“Commissioning activity is underway on turbines at the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Center,” she said. “This is the process by which a series of standard operational tests are performed on each turbine. The turbines are synchronized to the electricity grid and then certified as ready for safe and reliable operation.”
As technicians perform this work on-site, local residents may see turbines spinning off and on. She said just because the turbine is spinning does not mean it’s actually commissioned quite yet.
“This is an exciting time in the project’s development and we look forward to providing further updates in the near future,” she said.
Krinsky also provided an update on several other issues relating to the wind farm.
• Turbine blades — Work continues to replace a limited number of blades on project turbines. Invenergy issued a statment expressing their appreciation  of the patience landowners have shown as well as others in the community during the process.
• Operations & Maintenance building — The site has been graded and concrete foundations have been poured. Now, they are waiting for warmer weather to finish pouring the slab.

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Construction of Wind Farm To Extend Into Summer 2014

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As the winds continue to blow across Antelope County, resumption of construction of wind turbines for the Prairie Breeze Wind farm is anyone’s guess.
Invenergy spokesman James Williams briefed the Antelope County Board of Supervisors about the status of the wind farm during last week’s meeting.
There was much to discuss between Williams and the supervisors in a free-flowing presentation which occurred near the end of the meeting.
Williams said 98 wind turbines have been constructed and 20 more remain. Of those which have been put up a number will need to be replaced.
Last month, Invenergy (owner of the wind farm) and General Electric acknowledged to The Elgin Review that a blade manufacturing defect had been detected on a number of blades.
General Electric, sometime this spring, will be replacing “a limited number” of turbine blades.
The blades’ anomaly has pushed back the date for completion of the wind farm which was supposed to have been completed in the first quarter of 2014.
To date, replacement wind turbine blades from General Electric have yet to arrive in Elgin.
The high winds being experienced in Antelope County this winter have hampered progress on the wind farm. Williams said when wind speeds are 20-25 miles per hour or higher, workers “don’t fly the rotary assembly.”
Still, Williams said the good news regarding blade replacement is that there are still cranes on site which will be used to take down, replace and raise the new blades into place when conditions are favorable. He said all the wind turbines should be in place and ready to produce energy by the summer months.
When completed, Williams said, Prairie Breeze will be the largest wind farm in the state.
For the complete story, see the print edition of The Elgin Review

Supervisors To Meet Tuesday

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The Antelope County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday, Jan. 14, beginning at 8 a.m. at the courthouse in Neligh.
Items on the agenda include:
• Elect Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2014
Set committee’s and holidays for 2014
• 9:30 AM — Sue Warne Blue Cross Blue Shield updates
• Approve county depositories for 2014/Brunswick State Bank, Bank of Elgin, Bank of Orchard, The Tilden Bank, Pinnacle Bank, Heritage Bank
• Authorize treasurer to invest funds
Sign authorization for clerk to transfer funds
• Re-appoint or appoint Veteran Service Officer, Weed Control Superintendent, Zoning Administrator & County Surveyor
• Correspondence
• 10:30 AM — Invenergy/James Williams Prairie Breeze update
• Wellness Partners Program agreement
• Clerk of the district court December fee report
• December miscellaneous fee report
• December treasurers fund balance report
At 10 a.m., the board will act as the County Board of Equalization to consider permissive exemptions for Antelope Memorial Hospital and Neligh Senior Citizens Center and tax list corrections.
The meeting is open to the public.

Due To ‘Anomaly’, Some Wind Turbine Blades Must Be Replaced

January 2, 2014 by lmorgan · Comments Off 

With work soon to resume on the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy farm, The Elgin Review has learned that a number of blades will have to be replaced on wind turbine towers already erected.
Statements from Invenergy (owner of the wind energy farm) and General Electric (maker of the blades) on Friday indicate the completion of the energy farm could be pushed back due to having to change out a significant number of blades.
“Due to a blade manufacturing defect, and following extensive consultation, GE (General Electric) is replacing a limited number of the turbine blades that will be utilized on turbines at the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Center,” said Alissa Krinsky, communications director for Invenergy, based out of Chicago. “We have confidence in GE’s assessment and in the reliability of the replacement blades, and appreciate the patience of our project land owners and others in the community, as the blades are delivered to the project site.”
Katelyn Buress, speaking on behalf of General Electric, said “GE has identified a discrete set of blades that have been impacted by an anomaly in the manufacturing process. In order to ensure the reliability of our wind turbines, we are working with Invenergy to replace blades from the Prairie Breeze wind farm that were a part of this subset.
“Blades that are not impacted are safe to operate … The quality and reliability of GE turbines is of utmost importance to us and we are proud of our quality track record.”
At the end of November, in a press release updating the status of the wind farm construction, no mention was made of any wind turbine blades needing to be replaced.
At that time, it appeared that the last large deliveries of turbine blades was to be completed in several weeks.
Completion of the wind farm has been targeted for the first quarter of 2014.

For the complete story, see the print edition of The Elgin Review

New Location Proposed For Community Sign

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Meeting last week, the Elgin Community Club again discussed at length the possibility of getting a new digital sign to replace the existing sign along Highway 14.
This time, the topic was location. Janet Koinzan told members attending the meeting at the Steel Steed Steakhouse & Saloon, she and Bruce Clark would like to see the sign relocated to a different location.
The location she suggested would be on the southwest corner of the Highway 14/70 intersection on land currently owned by the Elgin Area Development Corporation for which she serves as president. Currently the house on the property is being occupied by workers putting up the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy farm. Koinzan was optimistic that the necessary steps could be taken and a new sign could be put in place and operational by the Q125 celebration slated for June 20-22, 2014. She said the community club wouldn’t necessarily have to purchase the entire lot as it’s possible a portion of the lot could be sold to a nearby property owner. However, no such arrangements have been made yet.

For the complete story, see the print edition of The Elgin Review

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