Improvement Seen in EPS NePAS Test Scores

Once again, like most districts in the state, the Elgin Public Schools has some very good numbers and results in certain areas of the Nebraska Performance Accountability (NePAS). And, some other areas need continued work.
NePAS is the result of a federal requirement of state governments to provide additional accountability on local school districts.
EPS K-12 Principal Greg Wemhoff said one of the things everyone needs to realize in this complicated accountability system is that it shows three things:
• Your rank compared to other schools
• Your kids improvement per grade (this year’s classes compared to last year’s classes)
• The growth of the students from year to year (same student’s scores from last year compared to this year).
“With that said, and all three areas being legitimate measures of how a school is doing, our school improvement goals and educational goals have been adopted based on the ranking component,” Wemhoff said.

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